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Industry Rumors on HTC & BlackBerry

HTC is rumored to be building 3 new tablets and a smartwatch. Besides, BlackBerry claims that its Passport is fast catching up with iOS and Android.

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Mobile Devices Spotlight10

An Introduction to Android Wear

What exactly is Android Wear? Here is information on Google's ambitious, futuristic new mobile OS for smart wearables....

The Samsung Tizen OS

What is the Tizen OS? Here is information on Samsung's own operating system.

Rumor: HTC Building New Tablets, Wearables

HTC is rumored to be building 3 tablets and a smartwatch. Meanwhile, BlackBerry claims that its BlackBerry Passport is catching up with iOS and Android.

Samsung Delays Release of Tizen Phone; Yet Again

The release of the Tizen-powered Samsung Z smartphone has been postponed, yet again. Will it enter the Russian market on time? Read on to find out….

Google I/O 2014: Android Wear Review

One of the highlights of Google I/O 2014 was Android Wear. Here, we bring you a review of the OS, as also a feature on the compatible smartwatches.

Apple iOS 8 vs. Google Android L

Apple and Google have unveiled their upcoming mobile platforms; iOS 8 and Android L respectively. In this post, we compare the latest rival OS’.

Google I/O 2014: Preview of Android L

A major showstopper of Google I/O 2014 was the unveiling of Android L, the company’s latest mobile OS. Here is what is new with the upgrade....

Google I/O 2014: Highlights of the Dev Event

At the Google I/O 2014, the company unveiled all imaginable Android devices, including wearables to smart cars to smart TVs and other devices.

Google I/O Conference

What is the Google I/O Conference all about? Read on to find out....

App Store Optimization: Definition

What is App Store Optimization? Here is a definition plus more information about the process....

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