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Windows 8.1 Update: Beneficial for Enterprise

Microsoft recently introduced an update to Windows 8.1, which is another major step forward to unify Windows Store and Windows Phone Store developer, user and enterprise experience. 

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Google in the Spotlight this Week

Thursday April 17, 2014

Google is clearly in the spotlight this week, with some changes and some new introductions. The company yesterday announced the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. This useful tool will enable Android devices to remotely access Windows and Mac PCs.

Users need to download, install and configure the software both on their PC as well as on their Android device. This app, which is available free of cost on Google Play, is expected to come to iOS sometime later this year.

The fruity giant has one other ace up its sleeve. It has released a separate version of its stock camera app, which usually ships with all Android smartphones and tablets. This improved app comes with a revised UI and some long-desired features, such as Lens Blur, Photo Spheres, panorama mode and more.

The Google Camera app is now available on the Play Store and supports Android 4.4 KitKat and above.


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  • Mobile Recruitment: How it Helps Enterprise

    Thursday April 17, 2014

    Mobile is taking over practically every sphere of our lives today. Over 50 percent of mobile users accessing the Internet on their gadgets, while on the move. It hence becomes increasingly important for enterprises, seeking to find more users, to make their services available on mobile.

    While many companies are now understanding the true potential of mobile and are creating a detailed business Website, enterprise apps and so on, they are yet not fully prepared to explore one other important aspect - mobile recruiting.

    An increasing number of job seekers, both active and passive, prefer to use their mobile devices to perform job-related searches. Companies that adopt the process of mobile recruitment enjoy the clear advantage of finding several more potential candidates via mobile.

    I recently penned an article on TimesJobs.com, giving enterprises tips on finding top talent via the mobile channel. What are your views on my article? Do let me know if there is some other point I missed out.

    Share Your Views!

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  • Will WP8.1 Really be Helpful for Enterprise?

    Friday April 11, 2014

    Microsoft's latest OS update to Windows 8.1 has a lot to offer to app developers, individual users and companies. Now available to the public, this upgrade has introduced many advanced features, also improving on existing functionality.

    Offering Windows 8.1 Pro PC and tablet users the facility of sideloading apps without the need to purchase an activation key, the company has also lowered the cost of purchasing volume license purchasing for companies. Windows Phone 8.1 aims at increasing efficiency and productivity in the office environment, by presenting various advanced MDM, app management and security features.

    This update, however, has attracted mixed reviews from users. Some feel that the giant has yet not done enough for developers, as the cost has not really come down that much. Other users argue that sideloading may not be a viable, in spite of it being supported by Microsoft.

    What do you think about the company's latest endeavor? Will it catch up in a big way, especially with the enterprise sector? Share your opinions with us.


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  • GDC 2014: A Learning Experience for Game App Devs

    Thursday April 3, 2014

    The Game Developers Conference 2014, which was held from March 17-21 in San Francisco, was a huge success. The event focused on helping game app developers create better and more efficient apps across multiple mobile platforms; be found easier in the app marketplace and also make more profits with better marketing and advertising.

    Including expert game developers speaking on all of the above-mentioned subjects, the mega event also featured several innovative new devices and improvements on existing gadgets as well.

    While Unity Technologies showed off its new Unity 5 engine; Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus stole the show with their state-of-the-art Virtual Reality headsets. Indie gaming also came to the fore, with giants such as Microsoft and Sony clearly showing interest in the field.

    The dates for GDC 2015 were also announced at the conference. Those of you wanting to register for the upcoming GDC Europe 2014 can do so by visiting their Website.


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