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HTC One Gets KitKat with Sprint and Verizon

Thursday May 29, 2014

With the worldwide rollout of Android 4.4 KitKat underway, Sprint and Verizon have announced that they are updating the HTC One M7 to the latest Android OS version. Obviously therefore, users of these phones will experience several of the changes brought on by this upgrade, including full-screen mode in apps, introduction of Sense 6, wireless printing and so on.

Bluetooth connectivity will be improved, thanks to the support of additional Bluetooth profiles. NFC enhancements too will come to the fore and will be especially useful for Google Wallet users in the United States.

The HTC One already includes support for IR blasters, a functionality which is also contained in KitKat. Hence, this app should now encompass more features with the update.

Have you updated your smartphone to KitKat? What is your experience? Share it with us!


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  • Google Play Now Optimized for Mobile

    Wednesday May 28, 2014

    I had recently posted an article on why it is important for companies to adapt to the current mobile trend and how they can make the transition to mobile. Now, the Google Play Store comes in a new avatar - it is perfectly formatted for mobile devices.

    While there was nothing to complain about the Play Store's earlier version, the fact remained that a desktop version of the app marketplace was presented to users up until the present time. This would end reducing mobile user experience once in a way.

    The latest update to the Play Website is a lot more mobile-friendly, enabling users to send apps to their Android device. Additionally, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users too can access and browse the store. The Website now even permits users to purchase and manage hardware as well.


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  • WP Screen Settings to Improve with the Cyan Update

    Tuesday May 20, 2014

    Windows Phone, up until now, supported only 4 screen brightness settings, namely, low, medium, high and auto. While Android and iOS devices offer much more detailed brightness controls, WP has sadly been lacking in this department. But all that is set to change soon, with the Nokia Cyan update.

    The Cyan update, coming soon to Nokia phones, will feature an option to adjust brightness along a sliding scale, much like Android and iOS. Further, instead of having just 1 sliding scale, the update will enable users to define brightness for the low, medium and high settings.

    The Lumia 630 is right now the only device which supports this update. More Nokia phones will be added on to this list in the near future.


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  • Android 4.4 KitKat Gains Mass Approval

    Thursday May 15, 2014

    Android 4.4 aka KitKat has now been deployed to all Android devices worldwide. I got my update a couple of days back on my Samsung Note II and I am thrilled with its new features. One of my friends and regular readers requested a blog post on this OS upgrade. Well, Gokul, here goes!

    Things did not seem very different at first glance. However, a closer look revealed many changes, most of which would be beneficial to individual users, app developers and companies as well, thanks to its built-in SE Android support.

    The best features include a much-improved keyboard, better multitasking and enhanced location-based services. Most importantly, this update takes up much less RAM, which means, this update can be introduced to entry-level devices featuring very little RAM.

    There is a rumor about Google planning to ban mobile device manufacturers from bringing in handsets running older OS versions. If that is true, the company is clearly trying to promote KitKat, thereby ensuring that users can always avail the latest version, thereby getting the best user experience.

    Have you gotten the KitKat update on your phone? What is your opinion?

    Google Implicated of Infringing on Oracle’s Patents

    Saturday May 10, 2014

    Back in 2012, a court verdict had cleared Google of infringing on Oracle's Java copyrights. However, yesterday's verdict has put the giant in trouble - it has been implicated of violating the copyrights of 37 Java APIs, which it added into its Android OS.

    The Federal Circuit of Appeals in Washington will soon be re-sending the case to the original judge, who will make a final decision on whether Google actually did unlawfully infringe on Oracle's patents.

    While the company will not have to pay up for damages if found innocent; it could well have to cough up $1 billion to Oracle if proved guilty of violation. Neither of the companies involved chose to comment on the issue.

    F8 Offers Developers Tools to Monetize their Apps

    Tuesday May 6, 2014

    F8 2014, which focused this year on the 3 tenets of building, growing and monetizing the Facebook platform, introduced several new tools especially keeping app developers in mind.

    Announcing its own mobile ad network, the company also brought in new features such as Anonymous Login for users, a 2-year core API stability guarantee for developers, free services for amateur developers, deeper mobile social integration, improved advertising and eCommerce facilities and much, much more.

    Facebook's horizontal, more holistic model also includes 2 of its largest subsidiaries, namely, Parse and Instagram. Parse is working to revise its pricing plans to offer free basic analytics to developers.

    Addressing an impressive gathering of developers, Mark Zuckerberg promised that F8 would become an annual event and would become bigger with every passing year.


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  • Microsoft to Remove Nokia Branding; Nokia gets New CEO

    Tuesday April 29, 2014

    Microsoft recently got a 10-year license to use the Nokia brand name in its smartphones. Now, the former has taken over all of the latter's social media accounts. Further, it has posted an advertisement, which clearly shows that the company intends to end the Nokia branding sooner than expected; also touting its own brand name forward, instead of Nokia.

    The giant is said to be working on moving at a rapid pace and create a new brand name for its products. Well, we cannot wait to know what that name might be....

    In the meantime, Nokia will be getting a new leader from May 1 this year. The new CEO, Rajeev Suri, has been with the company for over 2 decades. Nokia plans to expand its business and add on new technologies in the near future - it believes that Suri would be the best candidate to spearhead all of the company's most important projects, going forward.

    Google Glass Soon to Open to the Public?

    Saturday April 26, 2014

    Google Glass may, at long last, become available to more users wanting to try out the gadget. The Glass Website clearly indicates that people no longer need to receive an invitation to place an order.

    The company had placed a sudden 1-day sale last week and reported a sell-out of its white Glass model. While that sale is no more valid, it is now reported that the company is once again open to receiving all orders, without requiring visitors to enter their invitation codes. Those living in the US can additionally avail a limited time offer that includes a free pair of titanium frames along with the order.

    There is no information about how long the offer will last, so those of you willing to shell out $1,500 can please visit the Website and place your order immediately.

    Living with Glass....

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  • Google in the Spotlight this Week

    Thursday April 17, 2014

    Google is clearly in the spotlight this week, with some changes and some new introductions. The company yesterday announced the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. This useful tool will enable Android devices to remotely access Windows and Mac PCs.

    Users need to download, install and configure the software both on their PC as well as on their Android device. This app, which is available free of cost on Google Play, is expected to come to iOS sometime later this year.

    The fruity giant has one other ace up its sleeve. It has released a separate version of its stock camera app, which usually ships with all Android smartphones and tablets. This improved app comes with a revised UI and some long-desired features, such as Lens Blur, Photo Spheres, panorama mode and more.

    The Google Camera app is now available on the Play Store and supports Android 4.4 KitKat and above.


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  • Mobile Recruitment: How it Helps Enterprise

    Thursday April 17, 2014

    Mobile is taking over practically every sphere of our lives today. Over 50 percent of mobile users accessing the Internet on their gadgets, while on the move. It hence becomes increasingly important for enterprises, seeking to find more users, to make their services available on mobile.

    While many companies are now understanding the true potential of mobile and are creating a detailed business Website, enterprise apps and so on, they are yet not fully prepared to explore one other important aspect - mobile recruiting.

    An increasing number of job seekers, both active and passive, prefer to use their mobile devices to perform job-related searches. Companies that adopt the process of mobile recruitment enjoy the clear advantage of finding several more potential candidates via mobile.

    I recently penned an article on TimesJobs.com, giving enterprises tips on finding top talent via the mobile channel. What are your views on my article? Do let me know if there is some other point I missed out.

    Share Your Views!

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