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Priya Viswanathan

Is Apple Going into Overdrive with Introducing its Mobile Devices?

By November 6, 2012

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Apple has been recently pushing a whole lot of mobile devices into the market. We saw the introduction of the iPhone 5, which got developers scrambling for ideas to deal with the taller screen of that device.

Then, there also came the fourth generation iPad and the iPad Mini to deal with. While the iPad 4 is all about power and performance; the iPad Mini is more portable, efficient and also gives the user full access to all the apps in the iOS App Store.

Now, it is the iOS 7 and the recently released Beta 2 version of the same, which is creating huge waves in the mobile market, especially among app developers. This excitement is building up even before the public release of the OS version.

While all this is great, I am left wondering if Apple is going into overdrive by introducing so many new devices in such a short timeframe. Personally, I think the company should have given a bit more time gap between the unveiling of each of its new devices.

What is your take on the above issue? Voice your opinions!


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