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Priya Viswanathan

Bill Gates Faults Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy

By February 25, 2013

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The current Chairman of Microsoft and former CEO, Bill Gates, faulted Microsoft's mobile strategy in an interview given to CBS News, a few days ago. Though Gates continue to chair Microsoft, he does not influence the day-to-day functioning of the company anymore.

Coming back to the interview, Gates stated that he was not happy to see the company's new introductions and innovations. Though not directly critical of anyone in particular, he did indicate quite clearly that he was rather dissatisfied with the company's performance in the past few months.

Gates mentioned that he expected Windows 8 and the Surface computer to emerge a vital factor in telecommunication in the near future. He was also very optimistic about the new Bing and the Xbox. However, he stated that the company did not "get out in the lead very early" and hence, did not experience the success that it deserved in the mobile market.

Obviously, Bill Gates would not be satisfied with anything lesser than the number 1 spot in the smartphone market. But then, the fact remains Android and iOS are clearly in the lead this year as well.

With so many more new OS' coming in soon, will Microsoft be able to realize its dreams in 2013? What is your opinion on the issue?


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