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Mobile Security

Mobile security has become a major issue, both on the individual and the corporate level. Here, we discuss various aspects of mobile secrurity.
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  3. Security in Enterprise (5)
  4. Social Engineering (6)

Facebook Scams Raise Questions on Mobile Security
The recent scamming attacks on Facebook and other popular social networking sites makes one sit up and think about the dire consequences of online visibility.

The Sony Data Breach may Impact Millions of Users
Sony Corp., the pioneers of the PS3 (PlayStation 3) video game console, have put their customers to major risk, which may well impact them for years. Hackers had managed to create a breach in the company’s online security network system in mid-April this year.

Sony Experiences Yet another Hack Attack – Freezes Gamers’ Accounts
Sony officially announced yesterday that it had frozen nearly 100,000 user accounts on its PlayStation Network and other online services, yet again. The company has now detected a spike in some unauthorized login attempts.

Software Security: Creating a Secure Mobile App
Software Security: Creating a Secure Mobile App

Apple’s Secure Enclave: What is it and How Does it Work?

Cloud Contracts: Quick Tips to Effectively Negotiate SLAs

Cloud Computing: Cost Control Management
Cloud Computing: Cost Control Management

7 Best Cloud Service Providers of 2013

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