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2013 Mobile Devices Readers’ Choice Awards Winners


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Best Mobile App Marketing Agency: Dot Com Infoway
2013 Mobile Devices Readers’ Choice Awards Winners

Image © About.com & Dot Com Infoway

Percentage of Votes: 80%

Dot Com Infoway is yet another surprise winner this year.

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is an IT Services company located in India providing offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe. DCI provides enterprise solutions that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients. The company uses proven mobile app marketing strategies to design and execute a perfect launch for apps and make them stand out from other mobile applications in the market. Dot Com Infoway also offers customized mobile app marketing solutions to help developers promote their apps in every mobile app marketplace of their choice, in order to gain maximum downloads.

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