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DIY Cross-Platform App Formatting Tools and App Development

How the Cross-Platforming Tools Available Today Facilitate App Development


Mobile app development is now more advanced than ever before, what with new mobile devices and mobile technologies coming into the market on an everyday basis. But more importantly, there is a new trend emerging as a result of all this – a veritable wave of change, which is taking the mobile world in its wake. There are several DIY cross-platform formatting tools available to the masses today, which are creating a new way of thinking and functioning among developers and companies alike. While these tools eliminate the need for extensive knowledge in mobile app development, they also far reduce costs of developing an app, as well as the time taken for the same. In this article, we analyze the effect of these readymade, DIY tools for cross-platform formatting of mobile apps.

How these Tools Can Help the Mobile Device Industry

Ready-to-use cross-platforming tools have now become a great asset for both app developers and mobile marketers as well. Here are the ways in which these tools are beneficial to the entire mobile device industry as a whole:

  • The feature-rich cross-platform tools available to developers today, along with free access to open technology APIs, has now resulted in the mushrooming of an entirely new generation of app developers that is forever ready to take on the challenge of satisfying the insatiable demands of the mobile consumer. While this is great for mobile app development in general, it will also help generate new business models for companies, resulting in new avenues for income as well.
  • There are many types of mobile devices surfacing in today’s market, each one offering a new OS, new UI and so on. This astounding variety of products ends up creating widespread fragmentation of mobile devices and platforms. Employing conventional systems to create apps for different mobile systems can prove to be a laborious task, often taking expenses far beyond the developer’s budget. The free tools available today can easily be downloaded from the Internet and used without delay. The results, too, are much more than satisfactory in most cases.
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  • Mobile carriers today are adapting to these changes as well, and are using these tools to develop unique apps for themselves, which will help in the app branding and carrier marketing aspects. This helps them generate better revenues as well. Creating location-based apps helps the carrier gain more popularity among users. These apps can then be ported to a variety of phones and platforms that the mobile carrier is interested in promoting.
  • Readymade cross-formatting tools also help the mobile marketer. The Web-based technology available today helps content marketers distribute mobile content to practically any type of mobile device available in the market. The subscriber here is charged a certain sum every month via his or her mobile phone bill.
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A Brand New Breed of Developers cum Marketers Emerges

  • Many app developers, who had been crippled till now, for want of expert content marketers, are now taking on this role themselves. Even smaller companies are now beginning to hire mobile marketers, who also handle app development. The advantages for both the marketer and the company involved are obvious.

    For instance, imagine a popular, mid-size food chain, wanting to expand its business with the help of reaching his customers via mobile. Its proprietors would probably not know how to go about implementing this idea all by themselves. Hiring a professional app developer, though, would prove to be expensive. In such a situation, employing the use of readymade app creator software enables them to expedite the task in no time at all.

    Once a rich and engaging app is created, they could port it to several other platforms that it supports. Placing the QR code and reaching it to customers via several marketing channels increases revenue for the company.

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In Conclusion

Of course, this sea change cannot be brought on instantly. This is a process that has just begun and that will take time to bloom to its full potential. In the meantime, bigger companies possessing more resources have already realized the potential of these tools and are planning their own app marketing and brand marketing strategies. This group of pioneers includes mobile carriers, manufacturers, marketers and marketing companies, tech companies and so on.

It is evident here, that we are on the verge of major changes in mobile technology, which may well change the entire face of the mobile industry, very, very soon. What do you think?

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