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5 of the Best Third-Party Mobile Cloud Sync Providers


Many users like to backup their mobile phone data online. Many mobile brands offer that facility, but they are usually bound to their own OS’, like the Microsoft MyPhone and Nokia Ovi. The problem here arises when you want to transfer your data to a new phone powered by a different OS.

The problem intensifies for developers who work with multiple OS’. This is where a third-party mobile cloud sync provider helps them build machine-to-machine apps that easily integrate basic features across multiple mobile platforms and mobile devices.

We bring you the list of 5 of the best such third-party mobile cloud sync providers.

1. Mobical

Mobical is one of the best providers you can use to sync mobile phone data over-the-air. Available completely free of charge, it helps you with working on backing-up calendar entries, address book, notes, bookmarks and phone settings over a wide range of mobile platforms and devices. 

Mobical makes use of SyncML protocol. Hence, it works well with Symbian, Andriod and all the other devices that employ SyncML protocol. This additionally gives you the convenience of manually setting up a phone even if it not actually supported by it. The only condition here is that the SyncML client has to be present on your chosen phone.

In order to connect to the mobical.net server, you can use any of GPRS, Wi-Fi or 3G.

2. Memotoo

Memotoo lets users sync personal data across multiple mobile platforms and devices, so it is especially useful for developers like you. While it provides the usual calendar, contact, to-do, notes, bookmarks and browser sync, it also provides an amazing 100MB storage space for paid users.

Memotoo supports the SyncML protocol. There is support for Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and iPhone OS’, as also sync with Outlook, iPod and Palm. The app interface is very easy to understand and use, so your customers will be quite happy with the experience too.

Synching is easy and trouble-free. However, the only problem with this third-party sync provider is that the free version is very limited.

3. Funambol

Funambol is an open-source mobile sync and push-email solutions provider which, though meant mostly for service providers, is also available as a free 90-day trial version for all. This provider gives you the usual options of calendar, contacts and picture sync. Funambol is one of the most popular sync providers. The demo gives the user 25MB of server space.

Funambol currently supports Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Java and BREW OS phones. So they offer much more variety than the rest of the sync clients. Additionally, Funambol also has a desktop client for Windows and Mac OS and can effectively sync with Outlook and the Address Book respectively.

4. Rseven

Rseven gives the usual calendar and contacts sync, and also syncs SMS, MMS, emails, pictures, audio and video and even call logs. Rseven offers both free and paid services. The free account has a limited storage space of 50MB and users can view only three months of their calendar logs.

Rseven supports Windows Mobile 6.x, Nokia Symbian and Android 1.5 or later versions of smartphones. There is yet no support for BlackBerry and iPhone.

You can connect to the rseven server via GPRS or Wi-Fi. Rseven lets you choose the information you want to sync and also match contacts with your Facebook account.

Rseven gives you location-based tagging via its integrated Google Maps. So users can actually get to know who they sent messages and made calls to.

5. Usyncworld

Though not very widely used, Usyncworld is a sync solutions provider that is totally free of cost. The only catch here is that Usync only lets users back up their phone contacts and no more.

This third-party provider supports Java. The user merely has to download a tiny .jar file from unisyncworld.com or getjar.com to get started with it all. Signup can be done either from the user’s mobile or the Internet.

Usyncworld offers you the most basic sync service, so this provider is ideal for developers of simplest phones.

This service is available free of cost, but yet, could offer a few more options. With so many other providers offering so many more features and facilities, this one seems just a little too basic.

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