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Enterprise App Stores: Five Prerequisites for Success


Thanks to the extreme proliferation of mobile devices today, enterprise app stores are the latest craze with companies of all shapes and sizes. These stores offer the double benefit of efficiency and security while deploying mobile apps to employees to their personal mobile devices. While some of the bigger companies have already successfully established their own private app stores, smaller establishments mostly seek to approach vendors such as SAP, Cisco and so on, to provide for their needs.

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How can one achieve success with EAS? What is it that makes the big stores and vendors successful? Here are five prerequisites for being successful with your enterprise app store venture:

1. Ease of Discovery

The first and most important aspect of succeeding with EAS is to make the apps therein, easy to discover for users. It is easy for employees to search and download apps when their number is limited. However, as the number of apps in the store increases, it becomes more difficult for the user to find them.

All apps should be systematically categorized and arranged in such a way that the employee can easily find the apps of his or her choice. Duplication of apps should be avoided and apps of similar category should be so arranged as to be displayed together. Ideally, users should also be provided the ability to add apps to their favorite lists, so that they can get back to the app as and when they wish to do so.

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2. Letting Users Rate Apps

Enabling users to rate and review downloaded apps is important for you, as it lets you assess their reaction to your apps, thereby letting you serve them better in the future. This user ranking, rating and feedback can then be gathered and tied up together, so that you gain far better understanding of your users’ requirements.

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3. Social Media Integration

Social media forms a vital aspect of online communication in today’s world. Integrating your enterprise app store with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, lets you reach a far wider audience. Users’ likes, shares and recommendations enable you to reach even more users for your stores, thereby promoting you further without you having to take extra effort for it.

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4. Secure User Environment

It is of utmost importance that you check each and every app that enters the store and make sure that it is completely secure for users to download and use it. Ideally, an establishment should not permit third-parties offering Web services via unsecured data links. All efforts have to be taken to ensure that there is no leakage of data to unauthorized sources, both within the enterprise and outside, to third-parties as well.

There are several tools available to test software security. Companies need to use these, also keeping themselves abreast of the latest security vulnerability risks and the ways to document and manage them. User security has to be the foremost concern at all times.

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5. Consistent User Interface

The general user interface of any EAS should be compliant with the organization’s guidelines for the same. The appearance of the store; the use of color and navigation schemes; logos and so on, should be in line with the establishment’s published guidelines. Ensure that the app store user interface is consistent with the rules laid down by the organization, so that it gives the user a seamless experience while browsing the store.

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