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Estimated Mobile Industry Trends for 2013

9 Most Important Mobile Trends for the Year 2013


18 December, 2012

We are nearing the end of this year and 2013 will be upon us all too soon. Here is a list of the most important estimated mobile industry trends for the year 2013.

1. The Use of Mobile Internet

There has been an exponential rise in the number of mobile device users over the past 4-5 years. This number is expected to yet increase this coming year. Yet more mobile device users will access the Internet via their mobile devices. All tasks from browsing the Internet to making a payment would be done via mobile devices. Both individual users and companies will adopt mobile as their central sphere of functioning.

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2. Increase in Mobile Technology

With the rise in demand will come several enhancements in mobile technology, with regard to both hardware and software. Technology related to RFID, image recognition, NFC or Near Field Communication and so on, will be further enhanced, thereby making it yet easier for the mobile user to perform advanced tasks while on-the-go, via their mobile devices.

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3. Mobile Device Wars

The use of mobile devices will equal or even supersede the use of traditional PCs. This trend will give rise to yet more types of mobile devices, each subsequent one more advanced than the other. The market will be flooded by smartphones and tablets and ordinary cell phones and feature phones will gradually take a back seat. Android and Apple will still lead the pack of mobile devices. Microsoft Windows will recover as compared to the previous year, but will not be able to surpass Android and the iOS.

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4. Mobile OS Wars

The mobile OS wars which started brewing the previous year will continue to intensify. Like the last year, the iOS and the Android OS will continue to be neck-and-neck competitors. Microsoft Windows is expected to supersede RIM to emerge as the third most important OS. Windows 8 is expected to emerge more as an enterprise platform.

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5. Mobile Operator Wars

Mobile network operators will introduce newer devices and network offers to lure more customers. This will again see the consumer reigning as king. While 3G networks will continue to be popular in certain regions of the world, 4G services will come to the fore and make its mark on the mobile network industry.

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6. Native Apps vs. HTML 5

Though native apps will not altogether fade out from the mobile milieu, HTML 5 will continue to make huge strides in mobile application development, finally emerging as a very capable medium for app development.

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7. Cloud Computing

The cloud will form a vital part of all digital computing and more users will shift toward using these services. Both individual users and establishments will adapt to the latest trends in cloud computing, thereby enhancing the reach of the personal cloud as well as the hybrid cloud. As a result, mobile devices will further advance in order to support the rise in business needs.

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8. Mobile Security

The increase in the use of mobile devices in the enterprise sector, combined with the boom in cloud computing, will give rise to rising concerns on mobile security, especially in enterprise. Of course, this trend is also expected to give birth to newer and more advanced hardware and software to create and maintain a secure mobile environment.

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9. Rise in Enterprise App Stores

As compared to the previous year, there will be a noteworthy rise in the number of enterprise app stores, offering yet more services and options to customers. It is estimated that most business establishments will provide mobile apps to employees via these exclusive app stores.

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