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Job Hunting Tips for Mobile Developers

Ways to Secure the Best Mobile Dev Job for You


Are you an amateur programmer, looking around for a developer job or your first major break? Well, you are now in luck, as there are a number of good companies seeking to hire professionals just like you. While the mobile market is currently booming like never before, the flip side is that you also have to face a lot of competition in every field, even one as specialized as developing mobile apps.

So how do you manage to stay ahead of the competition and make your bio stand out from the rest? Here are useful job hunting tips for the wannabe mobile developer.

Give Personality to your Bio

Keep a nicely written resume ready always, highlighting your developer skills, the most important aspects of your career and earlier awards and achievements, if any. Which mobile platforms and mobile environments do you mostly develop for? Are you more of a mobile game developer? Your CV should give all details on your experience with mobile development.

  • How to Write an Impressive Mobile App Developer Resume
  • Distribute your Bio

    Networking is one of the most vital aspect of being recognized in any field, especially one as specialized as yours. Meet as many people as you can in the mobile development field, both online and offline. Build your contacts and do not be afraid of distributing your bio to those who matter in your field of activity.

    There are a lot of employers out there seeking out professional mobile developers such as you. The more you circulate your CV, the more are your chances of locating a great job.

    Visit Job Boards

    Job board postings are a great way to circulate your resume to several people, all at once. Many developers have managed to grab great jobs using this method. A word of caution – usually, there are many, many wannabe developers who post their resume for each job. Hence, do not expect to hit the jackpot as soon as you post your details online.

    In order to increase your chances of getting noticed, go right to your niche and post your resume therein. This gives you a much better chance of being called for an interview.

    Corresponding with a Potential Employer

    Some companies require you to contact them and send them your resume by email. In this case, prepare a cover letter stating the particular position you are applying for, in the subject line of the email. Then include all relevant copies of your documents and any other material that you consider important for the potential employer to see.

    Be precise and succinct and do not beat around the bush while corresponding with the company. This will give them an impression about utter professionalism on your part.

    The Personal Touch

    Do you fancy a particular job offer from a company you would love to work with? Do try and contact them in person. Get in touch with the HR or Admin section and hand them your resume personally. While this gives a professional feel to the whole thing, it also allows you to give them details about your expertise, experience and so on.

    Also, be ever prepared for an impromptu interview at such times. Hence, hone your skills and update yourself on the latest trends in the mobile market.

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  • Try, Try Agian

    Never get discouraged if you do not succeed in your first try. Keep up the above procedure, while also sharpening your developer skills. Sooner or later, you are bound to find a job opening most ideal for you. Wish you all the very best in your job hunt!

    Do you have any more ideas to add to the above? Feel free to share them on our Mobile Developer Forum.  

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