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Job Interview Tips for Mobile App Developers

How Developers Can Impress Recruiters at a Job Interview


The increased demand for various types of mobile devices, for both consumer and corporate use, has created a directly proportional increase in the supply of not only these devices, but also mobile app developers for the same. There are many developer jobs available today, for independent freelance developers as well as for those looking for permanent jobs with companies. How can you, as a job-hunting developer, impress your potential employer? What are the things that you should know before meeting your probable employer for a job interview?

Preparing for a job interview is not a mean task for the job seeker. This takes a little bit of planning and preparation, so that the final presentation is impressive enough for the candidate to be accepted for the job or be absorbed into the company. Here is a set of useful tips for developers going for a job interview:

1. Education and Qualifications

The first and foremost thing that you should keep ready is a well-written developer resume about yourself. Your CV should be concise, yet include all the most important aspects of your app developing career so far.

Include all details of your educational background, along with your work experience, projects and even code samples. List out all your major and minor degrees and diplomas, clearly stating the University you acquired it from and the year you passed out. Also keep your mark sheets and certificates in order, so that you can present them before your recruiter as and when needed.

If you are an amateur developer, list out all your internship and apprentice projects, also including recommendations from seniors as and when possible. A good academic track record is what will first impress your potential employer, so make sure to write out a winning resume and follow it up with the relevant papers.

2. Passion for the Job

Most developers get into the field only and only because it is their passion. We are all aware that app development is not all that profitable right at the start. There are very few app developers who have made it big with their very first app. Most of you have had to struggle through the entire process.

Make sure to exhibit this passion for your work before your potential employer. Recruiters always look for that special spark in any potential candidate. Be clear about your goals and the exact reason why you want to work in the company you applied to, for an interview. You should try to convince your recruiter about why you are the right one for the job and in what way your presence in the company can help enhance the establishment.

Remember, no recruiter is going to be impressed by a candidate with a light-hearted attitude. Mobile app development is serious business and so, employers will only be looking for serious candidates applying for the job.

3. Willingness to Grow

Show a willingness to learn and grow in your field. You may be applying for a developer job so that you can earn a decent living, with a fixed, permanent income. However, if you need to land the job you desire, you need to show a readiness to work for taking the company forward and contributing in any way to the success of the company.

An attitude of preparedness and the ability to ask the right questions will indicate to your recruiter that you are truly interested in your job. Hence, do not be afraid of bringing new ideas to the table and displaying leadership skills as early as the interview stage.

4. Politeness and Professionalism

Always maintain politeness and correctness during a job interview. While you need to list out all your points of view while asked, also make sure never to interrupt your potential recruiter while he or she is conversing with you. Lend a keen ear to what they have to say and answer all questions in a poised manner.

Many recruiters also like to know if the candidate has any extra-curricular, non-job-related activities. List out all these activities as well – these aspects let the recruiter assess your personality as a whole.

Show utter professionalism and complete dedication in your approach to app development. Be open to becoming a team player and also learning newer app development technologies. Remember, the right attitude goes a long way in helping you clinch the job of your dreams.

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