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Facebook is the Fresh Face of Mobile Social Networking

Why Facebook is the Future of Mobile Social Networking


Facebook is one social networking site that has really been growing leaps and bounds over the years. It has now managed to attain the status of one of the most popular social networking sites around the world. Thanks to the advent of Facebook Mobile, this Website has grown even further, clocking a total of over 200,000,000 mobile users today!

How has Facebook managed to achieve this feat? What is it that makes this networking site tick? Here are reasons why Facebook is the future of mobile social networking.

Constant Upgrades

Facebook is constantly announcing more releases and upgrades to its most popular Android and iPhone apps. These are getting more and more in demand, especially among the younger generation of users.

Vast Mobile OS Reach

This social network is working along with its developers on creating social apps that can also reach users over a huge range of mobile platforms, rather than simply concentrate on a select smartphones or mobile OS’.

Facebook Connect

Bringing Facebook Connect into the picture has been yet another smart move by the company. This offers seamless integration to apps. Once users sign in with their name and password, it gets stored automatically. From then on, each sign-in is a mere button click. This single sign-on for mobile apps becomes a great convenience for mobile users, who usually tire of multiple sign-ins.

Location APIs for Devs

The company has opened up location API for Facebook Places to developers. This enables them to develop apps that integrate Facebook’s location services into them. This helps developers gain access into a search API, which will in turn help the company deliver relevant location information to their users.

Great for Businesses

This Website also helps businesses offer location-based deals to new and old customers alike. When a user searches for a location, for instance, he or she would automatically get information on good deals and discounts in that area. While this is great for the user, it is equally profitable for the business too.

Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps are the most advertising thing in mobile advertising today. Facebook Mobile continues to leverage this aspect to its maximum advantage.

Influx of New Users

While these apps engage the users and constantly encourage them to return to use their services, they also attract old users to act as referrals to bring in more new customers into their fold.

Interestingly, Facebook is not particularly focusing on monetizing the mobile platform. Instead, they aim to make more apps social, thus widening their reach amongst users. The company believes in increasing their roster of developers, who in turn give rise to more customer and enhanced user satisfaction, which ultimately, creates increased benefits for all concerned in the mobile social network.

What is your take on the sudden rise of Facebook Mobile? Do you think this trend will continue in the coming years?

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