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Make Mobile Donations to Help Tsunami-Stricken Japan

Mobile Technology Comes to the Aid of Tsunami Victims


Make Mobile Donations to Help Tsunami-Stricken Japan

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Updated May 19, 2011

The major earthquake followed by the massively destructive tsunami in Japan late last week is what everyone is still talking about. As if that devastation was not enough, there is also the more potent danger of nuclear radiation and the like at Japan right now. While many carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have offered free SMS facilities to this country, mobile technology is also pitching in its bit to aid the victims of this nation-wide disaster.

We are all feeling pretty much powerless in this situation, not knowing how we could possibly do our bit to offer some small consolation to the tsunami victims in Japan. Most of us cannot even imagine going there personally and aiding the people out there.

This is for those among you who would like to extend monetary aid to the environment-lashed country. Several mobile donation and mobile fundraising facilities have been set up in order to be of assistance to these people, at least financially.

You can now make a mobile donation via one of the many wireless mobile network operators, who have set up SMS donation systems. You need to select from among the many non-profit organizations online, such as the Salvation Army, American Red Cross and so on.

Why Mobile Technology is Most Effective

How can mobile technology offer help to the tsunami victims? Well, for one, the mobile texting system is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each one of the non-profit organizations that have tied up with mobile carriers to carry out this noble cause, come with easy instructions to donate money electronically.

Most of the major carriers in the United States have waived the texting fees to send these mobile donations.

  • The Tsunami Will Affect Japanese Mobile Technology
  • Here is a list of Tsunami SMS helplines
  • How Do I Know if the Donation Has Been Made?

    You can at present make a $10 donation to any of nine organizations sending aid to Japan. Once you select your non-profit organization and the amount you would like to donate, you only have to type in the specified keywords into your message and send it to the specified mobile number.

    You will get an immediate confirmation text message and the amount is debited from your mobile phone balance account. Not only that, you can also receive regular updates on the situation if you so wish, on your mobile device.

    How Mobile Social Media is Helpful

    Mobile social media is also getting into the charitable fundraising spirit. Mobile social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are doing their bit to offer aid to the victims of the tsunami. Mobile users are now updating their Facebook pages with the donation information, urging their friends and relatives to do the same.

    Since mobile texting is the commonest method of communication used globally by people from all walks of life, it also provides a powerful channel for the peoples of the world to get together and stand as one to provide relief to those in dire need.

    This trend, which proved to be very effective during the Haiti earthquake, has helped with Japan Tsunami relief as well.

  • How to Text a Donation to Help Japan
  • Google Crisis Response

    Would you like to send financial aid online? Well, the Google Crisis Response Website offers you an easy method to donate to Japan’s Tsunami relief fund. Going to this page will give you a choice of non-profit organizations such as the Japanese Red Cross, Unicef and so on. Once you select your particular organization, you merely have to state the denomination of your donation and click on the “Donate” link to proceed further.

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