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Providing MMO Gamers Voice Chat – Is it Worth it for Devs?

Should You As a Developer Provide Voice Chat in Your MMO?


MMOs are becoming very popular among mobile device users today. In order to help easy communication, it is also seen that there is a tendency for online gamers to prefer voice chat in MMOs today.

In response to this growing trend, there are several online game developers joining hands with voice providers in order to offer better services to their users.

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  • Here are things you should know about providing gamers voice chat in your MMO.

    Why provide Voice Chat in MMOs

    Communication is the key for the absolute success of any MMO. Since this kind of online gaming witnesses a great number of players at any given time, it becomes very important that they should be able to communicate with each other without effort. This is especially true of WOW-type games, where encounters and raids become more complex as gamers proceed through each stage.

    At one particular juncture in the game, gamers will find that using only text inputs becomes too difficult to tackle, given the multiple other details they have to pay attention to, at that stage. If that is the case, gamers will ultimately lose interest in the chat process, thereby losing out on vital communication.

    Providing voice chat to your users will ensure that they quickly and easily communicate with each other, all through the game. This way, they will enjoy their gameplay all through the time they are online. It is also beneficial to you, as you will have a regular stream of users and also attract a new bunch of gamers to your online game.

    Advantages of offering voice in MMOs

  • Voice chat speeds up communication among your users, which in turn gives rise to an enjoyable gaming experience. This tactic helps you retain your old customers, while also attract new ones into the fold.
  • Offering your users a simple UI, such as offering voice at the click of a button for instance, makes it easy for them to use the feature at all vital junctures of the MMO.
  • Voice works very well for games which need a lot more communication, such as WOW. Not only does this help group gaming, but it also is beneficial to strengthen the gamers’ social bonding.
  • Disadvantages of offering voice in MMOs

  • Voice chat clients may sometimes reduce the efficiency of your game online. Many users find their game’s visual performance running down while used alongside the chat feature. This usually tends to happen when the gameplay is on a mobile device.
  • Some users appreciate the anonymity that text chatting offers them online. Such users may resent their invasion of privacy when offered a voice chat.
  • Cost will be your major issue while providing voice chat in your MMO. The extra third-party services necessary in order to activate voice chat will cost you quite a bit each month, depending on the size of your game.
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  • In Conclusion

    Providing users with the voice chat feature in your MMO works out great for your online gaming business. But like everything else, it is not without its pitfalls. It is hence desirable to plan ahead of time, prepare your budget and then decide whether or not it is worth the effort to provide your games with voice chat for your MMO.

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