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Asia and iPhone App Development

Will Asia Change the Face of iPhone App Development?


Asia and iPhone App Development

Image © Apple

Updated August 09, 2011

Asia has now begun to see a sudden spurt in iPhone and iPad app development, what with many newbie developers signing in to learn more about designing apps for the Apple iOS.

iPhone sales and distribution, till the present time, was predominantly concentrated in North America and Europe, where these handsets have been most popular. But market research now shows amazingly different trends and a huge shift in the mobile app business all the world over, with Asia ushering in the winds of change.

This remarkable spurt has occurred very recently in the Asia Pacific region, as late as the first quarter of 2011. Notably, this sudden movement has been led by China, which has largely been responsible for creating a huge sales volume for the iPhone.

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  • What the Statistics Have to Indicate

  • Statistics show that Greater China registered an increase of almost 250 percent as compared to the iPhone sales volume in Q2 2011. Now, the nation is trying very hard to meet the ever-growing public demand for the Apple smartphone.
  • While the European is showing a clear trend of moving on to other mobile OS’ and mobile devices, China displays a steep increase in the volume of iPhone app downloads during the earlier part of 2011.
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  • What this Means for iPhone Developers

  • This shift in market and sales trends will undoubtedly go on to change the very face of not only iPhone sales, but also iPhone development in Asia. Asia as a mobile market holds great potential that can be exploited by budding iPhone developers in this region.
  • Not only that, even iPhone developers around the world can now take a different approach and focus on creating unique apps to cater exclusively to Asians. This will create a win-win situation for the company, for the developers and for end-users alike.
  • The South Korean market too is growing at a fast rate as concerns iPhone app sales and downloads. This, clubbed with the fact that not many popular iPhone games are available to users here, makes it a fertile ground for iPhone game developers to make their presence felt strongly in this area.
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  • Some Issues with iPhone App Development in Asia

    Though Asia is showing a very desirable trend as concerns iPhone app development and sales, it is not without its own problems, some of which are as follows:

  • End-users in Asia still prefer free apps over paid ones. Hence, Asia is obviously much more price-sensitive than Europe or the US. Right now, Japan leads in the Asian iPhone app sales department.
  • Not all iPhone apps are universally preferred by end-users all over Asia. One can see a clear local trend in app preferences. iPhone developers would have to take this rather tricky factor into consideration if they want to be successful with their app in the region they are targeting.
  • Developers should also realize that they cannot hope to earn too much revenue by using the in-app advertising feature in Asia. End-users in this region, it is largely seen, do not prefer to spend on in-app purchases. Hence, it would be difficult for developers to monetize their apps in the Asian market.
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  • In Conclusion

    While the rest of the world is showing an increased preference for Android and other OS’, the Asian market is surprisingly getting more and more attracted toward the Apple iOS. Thanks to the present availability of new iPhones and other Apple iOS devices in the Asian market, more end-users are being pulled toward this OS.

    Though there is a parallel consumer movement particularly tending toward Android devices, one cannot deny the sheer power Apple seems to be wielding over masses in Asia at present.

    While this is great for Apple and also for iOS developers all over the world, it still remains to be seen if this emerges as a permanent trend in Asia.

    Will Asia change the face of iPhone development or is this just a fad? Will Apple emerge as the leading mobile device supplier in Asia?

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