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Apple Adopts a New Mobile Strategy – Acquires C3 Mapping Technology

Apple Tries to Cut Google Presence, but Has No Location Data Yet


Updated November 04, 2011

Apple, as we all know, is one company that is growing stronger by the day. In fact, industry analysts believed that the giant would crash at least marginally, after former CEO, Steve Jobs’ demise. But it now seems that the company is quickly recovering from that loss and is stabilizing itself much sooner than expected. Now, Apple is investing more and more in the mobile industry and is acquiring newer technologies. However, it is still missing one important thing – location data, which would help immensely in monetizing its built-in location functionalities.

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  • Apple’s New Mapping Technology

    Apple recently announced that it had acquired C3 Technologies, a company which provides amazing realistic 3D mapping technology. The C3 team is located at Sweden. It plans to continue to function from that region and work along with Apple to bring impressive 3D mapping to the latest iOS devices.

    According to some sources, Apple had taken over C3 last year itself, but officially announced it only now. Whatever the case may be, his landmark acquisition is, for sure, yet another feather on Apple’s cap.

  • Definition of LBS
  • Why Location and Mapping are So Important

    Location functionalities, which include navigation and mapping, are the “in” thing among mobile users and mobile marketers today. This is an aspect of mobile that also has the potential of earning a good deal of revenue, through mobvertising.

    Here are reasons why location is so beneficial:

  • More and more automobile manufacturers today are incorporating the latest location technology in their vehicles. This helps users sync information with their smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets and so on, which also helps them make full use of these devices’ advanced capabilities. This feature makes it easy for those at the wheel to receive directions, especially if they opt for receiving vocal directions. Not only that, this system can also become an all-round source of infotainment for the user.

  • Using the location feature hence creates a win-win situation for everyone concerned – while users get all the information they want regarding a product or service of their choice, it also works out beneficial for mobile marketers and ultimately, the company, in terms of increased revenue.

  • How Using Location Helps the Mobile Marketer
  • Android and Nokia have made full use of this feature by offering rich mapping services. Intel has also recently acquired mapping giant, Telmap, with a view to enhancing its own mobile strategy with the help of location.

    Unfortunately, though, Apple has still not incorporated the location data layer that is so very essential to get the monetizing aspect off the ground. C3 offers the user wonderfully realistic mapping and adding a data aspect to that could truly prove to be a fortune-creator for Apple. Surely, Apple must realize this, but the company has refused to comment on this aspect so far.

    The latest iOS 5 update has not made much of a difference to Apple’s exisiting mapping system. The company could easily incorporate the recent mapping technology into itself, thereby offering advanced features such as voice activation technology and so on. While Google has made a clear beeline for the automotive industry, with its advanced mapping system, Apple still seems not to be interested in this sphere for now.

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  • Apple Tries to Wean Away from Google

    Apple’s move to acquire this new mapping technology seems to have stemmed from its desire to become less dependent on Google’s services. Apple has also acquired similar companies, such as Placebase and Poly 9 in the recent past. The acquisition of C3 Technologies, hence, clearly indicates that Apple wants to wean itself away from Google and power its own location and mapping feature.

    C3 offers a truly rich user experience, which may well prove to be Apple’s strength in the near future. But in order that this dream turns into reality, Apple would need to understand the actual potential of location, mapping and navigation. Tapping this raw potential would help Apple maintain its position right at the top of the heap.

  • Location-Based Mobile Advertising is In Like Never Before
  • Location, mapping and navigation have now come to the forefront and are used by consumers on a global scale. Understanding this aspect and taking full advantage of these features, via monetizing, is going to be Apple’s biggest challenge; also probably, its greatest victory, in the coming few months.

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