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The Role of Mobile Carriers in mCommerce and Mobile Marketing

How Mobile Carriers can Further mCommerce, While Increasing their Own Revenue


Though most of you are aware of the role of mobile network operators in mobile marketing, not many understand the true value and potential of mobile carriers in this field. After extensive research on the subject, experts have discovered that wireless network operators have a unique edge over the mobile market and can effectively drive mobile marketing programs, thereby encouraging growth of mobile commerce.

How Mobile Carriers can Help with mCommerce

Mobile carriers have the power of numbers and user data, using which they can team up with mobile marketers to provide their customers a better overall mobile experience. Mobile operators can also partner with brand manufacturers in order to further benefit general consumer experience.

Mobile carriers can receive details of consumer user data and behavior in real time. They can harvest this data to solve their day-to-day user problems and also provide them a better user environment. Because the mobile user is always online, it becomes very easy for the mobile carrier to collect all relevant data and use it to serve a positive purpose.

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  • Offering Location-Based, Personalized Deals

    Using any of the several location-based apps available today, mobile carriers can offer personalized deals to their users. Not only would this help them easily achieve a highly targeted audience, but it would also serve their users well and ensure that the user sticks onto their services for much longer.

    Mobile carriers should make sure that these tailor-made preferences are opt-in based, so that users can make a choice on the kind of services they desire to avail. Otherwise, users may end up resenting a breach on their mobile online privacy.

    Providing location-based services such as information on stores and restaurants, close to the user’s current location, helps simplify their everyday tasks.

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  • Offering Mobile Customers Incentives

    Mobile carriers can go a long way by offering their customers various incentives for using their services. This works to increase their own profits by engaging their customers and encouraging them to use those services more often.

    AT&T had very effectively employed this strategy when they offered both advertisers and customers a large variety of location-based mobile marketing programs with amazing incentives, discounts, coupons and other deals. The result of this venture was that it propelled the mobile carrier to the number one mobile carrier position in the United States of America.

    It is only natural that customers are most likely to be attracted towards a location-based deal which is also packaged along with an irresistible deal or discount offer. Especially when these offers are particularly personalized to their preferences, the likelihood that they respond to it, increases multi-fold.

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  • Harnessing the Power of Mobile Payment

    These efforts at marketing and mCommerce can further help mobile carriers if they can provide additional mobile payment services and options to their customers. Mobile payment services will help facilitate users to make a financial transaction at the very moment they want to make a purchase of an advertised product, via their smartphones.

    Not only can mobile carriers offer customers a deal-of-the-day option, but they can also increase chances of revenue by offering users easy options to purchase the product or service from them straightaway, without any delay and more importantly, without giving the user too much time to think about whether or not to take up a very tempting offer online.

    Once the purchase has been made, the customer is automatically billed on their account and the concerned merchant makes his or her revenue share from the sales of the purchase. The mobile carrier also gets its commission from this sale. Hence, this works out to be a win-win situation for all concerned in this deal, the mobile customer included.

    Harnessing the power of mobile payment can immensely help mobile carriers enhance their revenues.

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  • Conclusion

    Mobile carriers, hence, play a very vital role to play in the progress of mCommerce, also helping out mobile marketers with their efforts, while at the same time, furthering their own prospects of revenue.

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