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What is It that Makes a Mobile App a Popular App?


What is It that Makes a Mobile App a Popular App?

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Question: What is It that Makes a Mobile App a Popular App?
Dec 21, 2011

Mobile app development, as we all are aware, is a difficult, complicated and long-drawn-out process. While most developers are struggling to get their app the desired approval in the app marketplace of their choice, there are others that breeze through the process and get great reviews in the major app stores. So, what it is that makes an app stand out in the marketplace? How does an app idea metamorphose and become a popular mobile app among the masses?

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  • Answer:

    Before getting into the nitty-gritty’s of this aspect of app development, you first need to understand that you are catering to a large population of mobile users out there, each with their own unique needs and demands. Your app, hence, has to try and satisfy these unique needs and demands. Your app will have to fill a certain void in the market, by offering that something special, which others do not. That does not necessarily mean that you need to introduce a work of a genius in the market – you merely need to take a different perspective and offer your users something different to what they have so far been used to.

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  • Here are answers to FAQs on making your mobile app a popular, top-selling app.

    Does the Idea Already Exist?

    There are zillions of mobile apps in the marketplace. Hence, it is only natural that someone has already worked on your app idea and created a mobile app with it.

    However, it does not mean that you scrap your idea and think of something different. What you can do is to look at your app idea from a different angle and see how you can offer that little more to your user, so as to tempt him or her into using your app.

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  • What do Users Need Right Now?

    Analyze the current market trend and develop your app in accordance with that trend. For example, mobile users today are more aware of mobile trends than ever before. At the present moment, there is an increased demand for mobile business and enterprise apps, social apps and location-based services. See how best you can incorporate these features in your app, so that your customers’ needs are satisfied on this front.

    Also check out similar apps already existing in the market and find out what it is that makes each of them succeed in the marketplace. This will give you better ideas to proceed ahead with your own app.

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  • Is there Demand for My Type of App?

    Put yourself in your users’ shoes. Would they find your app engaging and useful in some way? Would you use the app if you were the customer? The mobile market is highly volatile and subject to constant change. So, it is impossible to rightly predict user behaviour and trends even in the near future. However, it is indeed possible for you make the most use of existing market trends and accordingly, work with your app idea.

    Of course, this problem does not occur if you are creating apps for enterprise and business establishments. In that case, you only have to look into the cost factor, which will work out relatively much cheaper than developing an app for the general public.

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  • Can I Make Money with My App?

    This is the most important aspect of all and also the most difficult to estimate. There are several thousands of apps in the marketplace today and most of the successful apps are free, especially the apps featured in the Android Market.

    Of course, you have ways and means today, of earning with your free app, by way of app monetizing, in-app advertising and so on. You could possibly also create a “lite” version of your app, offering it free, while putting a price on the full app.

    There are new ways emerging today, for developers to make a profit from the sales of their app. This is a subject of much debate among experts today - only time will tell if these methods of mobile app marketing can prove to be truly effective.

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