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5 Tips on Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses


Mobile has now come to rule industries of all shapes and sizes. Accordingly, traditional and email marketing methods have been replaced with marketers looking for newer and better mobile marketing strategies in order to reach more customers online. The latest trend is to develop not only regular Websites, but also their mobile-friendly version, so as to rope in the maximum number of customers.

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While the bigger businesses have the means and the manpower to conduct extensive marketing campaigns, the smaller businesses find it more difficult to create and sustain their staying power. Here are nifty mobile marketing tips for small business.

1. Create Quality Content

Make sure that you create good quality mobile content, so as to attract users at first sight. The content that you include should also be precise and to-the-point, while also sounding compelling enough for the reader to remain interested in what you have to offer. Remember, mobile users are very fickle and would be easily distracted if the product does not appear notably special to them.

Your headline should appear inviting, while giving them precise information regarding your business and products. Do not prattle on with your ad, else your visitors will end up losing interest all too quickly.

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2. Overcome Mobile Limitations

The biggest limitation of a mobile device is its small screen size. Your advertisement has to be created in a way that it is compatible with all screen sizes and screen resolutions. In case you are using images and graphics in your ad, you should ensure that they show up clearly on all major devices.

Also, create QR codes and incorporate the same in your ads, so that mobile customers can immediately get in touch with you while on-the-go. See to it that the code can be accessed clearly on different mobile devices.

Video:How to Use QR Codes With an Android

3. Add a Personal Touch

It is now very easy to reach and interact with more users using mobile social media. Create a Facebook page for your business, showcasing your products. Invite users to take a look and ask them to give you their feedback. Keep up the interaction with them and build trust with them in this manner.

Reply to customer queries in a timely manner, so that they know you are serious about your business and would like to offer quality. Treat them with respect and you will see it reflecting positively on your business in no time at all.

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4. Keep in Touch

Keep in constant touch with your mobile customers, else they may forget about you and move on to some other provider. SMS is a powerful tool for mobile marketing – use that to your maximum advantage. Send your users personal greetings from time to time, also offering interesting offers.

Always give users the choice of opting in for these offers. That way, you can be assured that they are subscribing to you because they are genuinely interested in your business. Create a community forum for them, where they can interact with you and with each other online.

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5. Reward Regular Customers

Keep track of your regular mobile customers and provide them special offers from time to time. Offer customers some nice rewards for “liking”, sharing or tweeting information about you on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This makes them feel special and keeps them coming back for more such offers in the future.

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The mobile milieu has made it much easier for marketers and manufacturers to find many more customers, with much lesser extra effort taken on their part. Provided that you adhere to all the above rules, you are bound to succeed in your marketing efforts and make a success of your small business venture.

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