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Mobile Email Marketing Tips for B2B Companies

Tips for B2B Companies to Reach More Clients via Mobile


Mobile has now emerged as the key factor for all types of communication online. All companies, especially B2B companies, need to understand the importance of mobile marketing and the role it can potentially play in creating brand awareness among the public. While most of these companies have till now focused on SMS marketing and regular advertising, they have neglected the area of email marketing via mobile, which would help them reach several more clients directly via their phones and other mobile devices.

Needless to say, mobile email marketing poses one major problem – that of presenting far lesser screen space for the viewer to read the message. Other issues of this type of marketing include the high degree of fragmentation of device types and OS’, making it difficult for marketers to render their email message properly on the receiver’s mobile device.

The above issues notwithstanding, it has been proven in the past couple of years that this area of marketing can be as effective as regular marketing, provided that the marketer adheres to certain methods of reaching his message to customers. Here are some nifty mobile email marketing tips for B2B companies.

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Insert a Clear Email Subject

The subject line in your email, as also the “From” line, should clearly indicate the purpose of and reason for your message. Doing this will enable the reader identify you as a trusted sender and not dismiss it as a mere spam mail.

The subject line should be short and concise, indicating the reason for sending the mail. Remember, the reader has limited real estate on his smartphone or tablet screen and so, unnecessarily long subject lines will only work to irritate a potential customer.

If your subject line is short enough to offer you some more space, you could also think of inserting your brand name at the beginning, so that the customer immediately knows who it is from. Try testing this method and monitor user reaction to the same.

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Format Your Email Message

Avoid the use of rich text and images in your mobile email. You should consider preparing your email in MIME format, so that it would be most compatible for viewing on mobile devices and would also show up clearly on any user’s mobile device, irrespective of their device or OS type.

In case you need to make an important announcement regarding the introduction of a new feature or change in a vital service, make it a point to inform your readers by means of sending an additional SMS. This will help you ensure that the message reaches them on time and is never missed out. Also, text messages can be viewed uniformly on any smartphone or tablet and hence, they would have no trouble viewing the same on their device.

Again, monitor customer reactions to your email messages, to find out if they prefer text-only messages or HTML-type rich messages. You could even invite them to share their opinions on the matter at hand. You could then use their feedback and advice to offer better service to them in the future.

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Script Your Message Right

Make sure that the email message is worded right; else the user would only lose interest in what you have to say and maybe even mark it as spam. Ensure that the body of the email message is relevant and would be of use to the reader. Mobile device users are usually impatient and hence, will not have the patience to go through long-winding mail, which does not offer them much value.

Like the subject line, the body of your email should be short and lucid. The first couple of lines of your email message should clearly describe the purpose of the message. Use official language, so that you come across as a serious player and not just some random company who simply wants to spam customers.

Use the minimum possible number of links and/or images in your email. The shorter and simpler your message is, the more inclined your customer would be to read through to the end. Also remember to add your contact number and company details at the end of the message.

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Adjust the Frequency of Your Messages

This is yet another tricky aspect of email marketing – you need to decide the frequency of sending messages to your customers. While badgering them with too many emails may actually drive them away from you, too few messages may actually cause them to forget about you altogether.

A good way to find out their preferences is by asking them directly and keeping up lively interaction with them. You could prepare a survey to know what they think of your messages and whether they would like to receive them more or less frequently. Getting user permission will help you ensure that your messages are never ignored and that the lines of communication are open at all times.

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Follow the above-mentioned tips and regularly monitor customer behavior, paying heed to their feedback and comments. While done right, your mobile email marketing efforts are bound to bear fruit and show positive results in a few months’ time.

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