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Tips to Get Your WP7 App Approved at the App Hub

8 Things You Can Do to Get Your WP7 App Approved at the App Hub


Submitting a mobile app is in itself a rather harrowing process sometimes. Winning approval for your Windows Phone 7 app at the App Hub, Microsoft’s developer site at WP7, and getting it put up for sale there is altogether a different kettle of fish. Here are useful tips to get your Windows Phone 7 app approved by the App Hub.

1. Understand the App Submission Guidelines

The most important thing before submitting an app to any app store at all is to read and understand all the app submission guidelines. This is also true of WP7. Take your time to go through all the guidelines and ask around if in doubt. The submission process in this case is pretty much straightforward. However, ensure that you are not violation submission guidelines in any way whatsoever.

Make sure to get all the possible bugs out of your app, ensure consistency in your app’s UI and check for background sounds if you are using them in your app.

2. Authorize Your Account

To start off with your WP7 app, you first need to download the SDK tools and then pay Microsoft $99 to become a registered developer. There is yet one more thing to know here. You will not be able to submit your WP7 app to the App Hub until and unless you authorize your account. Strangely, the only way to get yourself authorized is to first submit an app to the App Hub.    

Remember that the App Hub will not authorize your account until you submit an app to the marketplace. You can submit a dummy app if you are not very confident about your initial app.

3. Correspondence with Geotrust

Geotrust is the firm that the App Hub outsources its authorization processes to. It could take a little while to hear from them. When you do, remember to correspond with them via fax and not email. That gets a much faster response.

4. Test Your App before Submission

See to it that you include the actual screenshots of the app on a WP7 device and that your app description is accurate and is in line with its functionalities. Know that you are allowed five free app submissions with your membership fee. So in case you want to re-submit the same app, do so using your free slots. Once you exhaust the five free submission tries, you will have to pay up an extra $20 for an additional submission.

Make sure to get all the possible bugs out of your app, ensure consistency in your app’s UI and check for background sounds if you are using them in your app.

5. The Back Button

Make sure that pressing the back button will exit out of your app. This is one of the most important tenets of the WP7 platform, so do not at any rate bypass this step or find a shortcut to it. Trying to find a way to override this function not only violates the guidelines, but also messes the app’s funcitoning in general.  

6. Unused DLLs

Ensure that you do away with all of the app’s unused DLLs before submitting it to the App Hub. The App Hub checks in detail for the presence of all unimportant information and aspects that your app does not necessarily need for it to function, including DLLs that may have been added on by default.

7. The WP Capability Detection Tool

Along with your app submission at the App Hub, you will be expected to include a manifest file stating your app’s needs and what it is actually designed to do. In order to get this step right, you could take advantage of the Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool available to you. This way, you can get the unwanted additions in your app.

8. App Loading

Your app must ideally load within 5 seconds and hence, you should take care to see that larger files do not eat up on app loading time.


Submitting your app to the WP7 marketplace is friendlier than most others. Provided that you are careful to avoid silly errors, you are bound to get easy approval for your app with this relatively new mobile platform. Follow the above-mentioned tips and have a smooth journey to the App Hub.

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