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Mobile App Development, App Formatting, App Submission and More


Does the concept of developing mobile apps overwhelm you? Here is information on the basics of mobile app development, along with tips on app formatting, app submission, app branding and mobile marketing.
  1. Basics of Mobile App Development
  2. Mobile Medical Apps
  3. App Store Updates & Reviews
  1. Mobile App Pricing & App Submission
  2. App Marketing & Mobile Marketing
  3. App Branding & Mobile Branding

Basics of Mobile App Development

Creating your first mobile app can be quite the roller-coaster ride. Here is advice you can use to make your maiden venture easier.

Mobile Medical Apps

Here is information about mobile medical apps, including developing medical apps for mobile devices, the problems faced by medical mobile app developers and so on.

App Store Updates & Reviews

Check out this section for news and updates on some of the popular app stores and more.

Mobile App Pricing & App Submission

How can you earn from the sales of your mobile app? What is the ideal standard pricing for an app? Here are answers to the above plus useful tips to submit your mobile app to app stores.

App Marketing & Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing and app marketing have truly come of age today. What is app marketing and how does app marketing help the mobile marketer?

App Branding & Mobile Branding

Learn about the various aspects of mobile app branding and how app branding can influence overall mobile marketing strategy.

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