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Google Play Seller Support Now Available for Indian Developers

App Developers from India can Now Sell Paid Apps on Google Play Store


Google Play Seller Support Now Available for Indian Developers

Image © Google

Updated October 23, 2012

It is now official. Google has recently included India in the list of countries that can register as Google Checkout merchants and sell paid apps on its app store. Hence, app developers from India can now sell paid apps on the Google Play Store. So far, Indian app developers were only permitted to distribute free apps on this app store. At present, Google allows developers from over 30 countries across the globe to sell paid apps.

Android developers from India had been expecting this move from Google for long. Mobile device users in India have now started preferring Android devices, which brought on immense profits for Google, also generating millions of new users for Google Play. India is at present considered to be the fourth-largest global market for app downloads. Keeping this trend in mind, Google announced Google Play seller support in India.

  • How to Make Money on Your Mobile App
  • Rules for Registering as a Developer from India

    Google has stipulated a few rules for Indian app developers desiring to post a paid app on Play store, which are as follows:

  • Developers would need to link their Google Checkout account with the Google Play developer account.

  • This linking can be doen only once, from within the developer account interface itself.

  • Once the above accounts have been linked, they cannot be modified, updated or removed.

  • In order to open a new account, developers would be charged a fee of US $25.

  • Paying the above-mentioned fee would enable developers to launch both free and paid versions of their app, also including in-app purchases whenever applicable.

  • Payments would be released on a monthly basis to the local bank accounts as specified by the developer.

  • Before You Submit Your App to the Android Market
  • How it Benefits Developers in India

    While the recent craze for Android devices in India have boosted the sales figures for Google, the inclusion of Google Play seller support in India will be beneficial to app developers here as well.

  • Android developers in India so far could only make money via advertisements. With Google Play seller support, they can now begin to earn money by way of selling paid apps, in-app products and subscriptions.

  • India being the second most populated country in the world, Indian app developers can reach their products to a vast audience, including those residing in India as well as the rest of the world.

  • Developers can price their app in any available currency and then receive all related financial data and payouts in their local currency. The Dev Center gives more information on this subject.

  • Google is also including buyer support for India. More details of this feature are available in the Developer’s Console.

  • Complete details on the Google Play seller support in India are mentioned in the Android Developers Blog.

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