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The Apple iPad Mini: A Game App Developer’s Perspective

What the iPad Mini Signifies for a Mobile Game App Developer


The Apple iPad Mini: A Game App Developer’s Perspective

Image © Apple Inc.

Updated November 24, 2012

Just last week, we brought you a review on the Apple iPad Mini from the point of view of iOS app developers. This new tablet has received mixed reactions from app developers in general. The size of iPad Mini is the main issue with most app developers. This little tablet is not as big as the original iPad, yet not as small as the iPhone. Usually, mobile gamers tend to prefer devices that are much larger than the traditional mobile phone, but not as large as the traditional tablet. So is the iPad Mini a blessing in disguise for the game app developer?

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  • Let us now take a look on a game developer’s view of the latest iPad Mini.

    Fragmentation of Devices

    The iOS platform has now started to present the same problems as of Android – that of fragmentation of its devices and platforms. While it is a fact that the iPad Mini has indeed caught the imagination of both users and app developers alike, the main issue is that developers now have to think of making their apps perfectly compatible with a variety of different iOS devices.

    While the iPad Mini is powered by an A5 chip and comes with a 7.9-inch screen, the iPad 4 runs on the very powerful A6X processor and includes the Retina Display feature as well. Of course, since the pixel factor of the original iPad and the iPad 2 are the same as that of the Mini, all the apps that run on them will work on the Mini as well.

  • The Apple iPad Mini vs. the iPad 4 for iOS Developers
  • High Returns for the App Developer

    The clear winner here is the consumer or the end-user, who now has access to a lot more variety as concerns mobile devices, OS’ and their apps as well. Similarly sized tablets such as the Amazon Kindle and the Google Nexus 7 have already succeeded in the market, proving that there is a good enough market for such tablet devices.

    Though the Mini is much higher priced than its above-mentioned rivals, it is still much cheaper than all the other versions of the original iPad and is also more compact-looking and portable. Hence, it is now emerging as one of the preferred tablet devices for consumers.

    Certain game apps seem to appear too small on the large screen of the original iPad, whereas they have far too many features and UI elements to work well enough on the much smaller screen of the iPhone. The iPad Mini is the right choice for such games, as it is capable of doing full justice to app performance in such cases.

    Besides, there is an already established and ever-growing market for Apple devices and hence, developing quality gaming apps for the iPad Mini could potentially result in much high returns for the game app developer. All of the above factors could well help create much more diversity and better quality game apps for iOS devices in general.

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  • The iPad Mini Appeals to the Younger Generation

    The Mini has been seen to be preferred by the younger generation of users, who are a lot more into mobile gaming than anything else. In fact, some experts believe that this smaller tablet may altogether displace the already struggling Nintendo market. This may well have been Apple’s intention of introducing the Mini. The better portability of the Mini, combined with its good enough performance may encourage developers to create more varied categories of games.

    Considering its above-average speed and performance, the iPad Mini is expected to give rise to better racing, action and RPG apps, which take full advantage of all its powerful built-in features. This trend will in turn engage the audience it is intended for and encourage them to continue using these apps in the long term as well.

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