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“Android Mandroid”: An Interesting Take on the Android OS


“Android Mandroid”: An Interesting Take on the Android OS

Image © Andrew Atkinson

February 01, 2013

One of my readers, a writer himself, sent me a copy of his eBook, “Android Mandroid: Thoughts on Android Smartphones from a Conflicted User”, requesting me to review the same. The author, Andrew Atkinson, uses his literary creation to take the reader through a humorous analysis of the Android OS.

As most of you would be aware, the Android OS started off rather humbly in 2007-08. Now, it is in a neck-and-neck race with Apple’s iOS to grab the top spot among mobile OS’. While the greatest advantage of this OS is that it is open source and hence encourages app developers to be more creative with their apps, its downsides include extreme fragmentation of devices and the general lack of security.

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  • An Interesting Read:

    Coming back to our original subject, the book “Android Mandroid....” cleverly combines together relevant historical events with popular cultural metaphors; then seamlessly integrates them with modern technology. Throughout his work, Atkinson explores the potential of Android smartphones and the vast spectrum of influence they cast on the life of users.

    The author investigates the positive and negative sides of using these gadgets, pointing out how they help transform our lives for the better, yet showing us how we have become veritable slaves of our mobile devices, letting them influence our lives and living.

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  • Not Taking a Definitive Stand:

    As I perused this entertaining, 30-odd page, lettered conception, I wondered what the end may be like. It, however, turned out very different from what I imagined. The eBook refuses to take a clear stand on the pros and cons of the OS, stubbornly refraining from being judgmental on any issue whatsoever.

    There are certain points which one may not be able to agree entirely with. For instance, the author references to a survey seemingly indicating that Android is a more male-oriented OS, while iOS more keenly targets the female populace.

    Besides, portions of the book are far too generic and could apply to any and all kinds of OS’, without being confined to Android alone.

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  • In Conclusion:

    On the whole, this book makes for an engaging read and will undoubtedly indulge those looking for a chuckle or two. Nevertheless, it leaves the reader longing for more; wishing for a more extensive treatment of the issue. But then again, maybe this is exactly what the author intends to do – maybe this is just a sneak peek at what is coming ahead.

    I for one, certainly hope that Atkinson builds upon this foundation to develop a deeper, more complete, analysis of the Android OS.

    For those interested, Android Mandroid is currently available on Amazon. That raises yet another question – what device would you read this eBook on?!

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  • Disclosure: A copy of this eBook was provided by the publisher for the purpose of review. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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