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Apple iOS 6: 8 Best Features for App Developers


September 19, 2012

The latest Apple iOS 6, which ships with the newest iPhone 5, has been lauded by both users and app developers alike. This brand new mobile platform, which is now available for free download on iPhone models including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPod Touch, comes with many improvements and enhancements over the previous iOS versions. Apple has stated that not all of the iOS 6 features will be made available to all users. It is rolling out its features on the basis of user location.

  • What the Taller Screen of the iPhone 5 Implies for Developers
  • Here is a list of the best features and functionalities of the Apple iOS 6, from the point of view of app developers:

    1. Apple Maps

    In a rather revolutionary move, the Apple iOS 6 has done away with Google Maps and instead, has made use of its own in-house Apple Maps. Though a bold and risky move from Apple, this new app is very impressive and brings state-of-the-art features such as vector-based 2D map elements, 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic information and most importantly, the new Flyover feature.

    As a developer, you can take advantage of Apple’s new Map Kit and Map engine to enhance your apps. You can also route your app within Maps, so that you can display location info within the app itself.

    2. Integration with Facebook

    Adding Facebook support for your app helps you connect closely with your users, while also enabling them to share information about your services. iOS 6 offers improved integration with Facebook, which you can use to offer your users far better mobile social network services.

    3. Passbook

    You can use the Passbook feature to offer passes, tickets, gift cards and coupons to your users. Pass Kit APIs help you send them to your user either online or even via email. You can also use this feature to offer coupons or discounts while the user is in your area of operation.

    4. Camera

    The latest camera APIs enable developers to work with the device’s advanced camera features to provide better app functionality to users. iOS 6 also lets you leverage the power of its face detection APIs and built-in hardware-based video controls.

    5. Game Center

    iOS game developers can now take advantage of the latest features in Game Center, which include creating addictive multiplayer games and enable users to share achievements and display leaderboards across the Mac and iOS versions of your app.

    6. App Monetization

    The new iOS 6 lets you work effortlessly with in-app purchase and in-app hosted content models, which help you effectively monetize your app. In-app purchase models enable users to purchase apps, books, music and other content without leaving your app. Hosting your in-app content on Apple’s servers help make it simple for you to deliver quality in-app content to your users.

    7. Enhanced Safari

    iOS 6 also includes improved features in Safari as well. Using Web Audio API, you can add audio to your interactive apps, work with pixel effects, upload images and videos and much more.

    8. Reminders

    Developing apps takes a lot of scheduling and working with tough deadlines. The Reminders feature lets you create and modify to-do lists, reminders and due-dates; even setting location and time-based alarms.

    As an app developer, which other iOS 6 features do you like the most and why? Share your views with us!

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