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Facts You Need to Know about the Mozilla Firefox OS


The Firefox OS, Mozilla’s brand new mobile platform, is now beginning to draw the attention of several mobile app developers. While two Geeksphone devices which were available to developers sold out all too soon, it is believed that identical devices will be soon shipped out to end-users as well. This new mobile platform, though, is viewed with some degree of skepticism and is yet surrounded by many myths and misconceptions.

With a view to providing app developers with a better understanding on this platform, we have listed out some pertinent facts regarding the Firefox OS:

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Possesses its Own Unique Identity

The news of this OS immediately gave rise to the thought that this platform would try and ape the current market leaders, iOS and Android. However, there is no scope for comparison here, as this OS is designed to take full advantage of HTML5 functionality. This platform, at present, targets lower-end markets, while also endeavoring to offer users better mobile security along with fairly advanced device features, at far lesser prices.

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Is Designed for Emerging Markets

As against iOS and Android, the Firefox OS targets emerging markets, which are still predominantly using feature phones. Mozilla’s whole idea is to introduce users to the concept of HTML5, thereby enabling them to enjoy all the features of a smartphone, without having to burn a huge hole in their pocket.

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Is Not Exactly State-of-the-Art

As an app developer, you need to be aware that these phones are not going to be as advanced as some of the latest devices available in the market. The processor power, screen resolution, or speed of response to touch of these devices may at times feel frustratingly slow and sluggish. The Firefox OS does not intend to ooze advanced features from its every pore. Instead, its actual intent is to present apps that perform well and help end-users simplify their daily tasks on mobile.

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Lets Developers Work with the Device’s Features

The Firefox OS enables developers to use the device’s native features and incorporate it into their apps, thereby far improving app performance, while also keeping it simple. This platform lets developers leverage the full benefit of its features such as accelerometer and camera and turn them into interesting apps for the end-user. The APIs available to developers could help them create useful apps, which other browsers too can integrate and make use of.

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Offers Standardized Content

The Firefox OS is basically built on HTML5 Web standards and hence, these apps are designed to run on any system at all, with the most minimal amount of reworking and redesigning done on the part of the app developer. This flexibility would also encourage mobile carriers to offers services specifically tailored to user needs and preferences.

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Offers Social and Search Capabilities

Mozilla includes dynamic app search, which offers advanced search capabilities, while also seamlessly integrating with the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This is especially beneficial for mobile marketers and B2B companies, who can additionally make use of the location feature to reach more customers via the mobile social sphere. The Firefox Marketplace also offers developers the advantage of flexibility and ease to work with.

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Places Importance on Mobile Security

This new mobile platform sharply focuses on providing the end-user with the maximum possible security while online on mobile. All apps in the marketplace go through a tough verification process, where they are tested for malware and other potentially dangerous inclusions. Each app can access only a certain amount of APIs. Additionally, apps that offer location services, for example, must first receive user permission to do so. Hence, user privacy and security is the topmost priority of this OS.

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Enables Developers to Make More Money

Mozilla is in itself a not-for-profit establishment. However, it aims to enable its partners and app developers to make more money while associating themselves with its Firefox OS. This company presents vast opportunities to amateur developers who cannot afford the high costs of iOS and Android app development. While it stipulates a 70/30 split on app sales, developers can earn more money via monetization, creating their own billing system, even designing their own exclusive marketplace.

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