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Microsoft Mango – Why this New Version is a Winner

9 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7.5 would Help Stabilize Microsoft’s Market Position


March 13, 2012

Microsoft Mango, the latest update from Microsoft to its Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, brings with it a number of improvements over its predecessor. While the WP7 platform was a great game-changer in itself, it still had scope for many more improvements and enhancements. The Mango update, that is, Windows Phone 7.5, has addressed many of these shortcomings.

It would be worth the mention here that the official name for this latest Microsoft update is Windows Phone 7.5. “Mango” was actually only an internal codename given to this version update during the phase of development. However, this codename for WP7.5 managed to stick on, leaving everyone to permanently refer to this update as Mango.

  • The Windows Phone 7 Mobile OS – A Developer’s Perspective
  • Listed below are reasons why Microsoft Mango may well emerge a winner in the market and reinstate Microsoft’s position and ranking:

    1. No Additional Hardware Required

    The Mango update from Microsoft does not require users to install any new hardware to run the latest version. All the existing Windows Phone 7 apps are compatible with the WP7.5 platform. This backward compatibility prevents many developer’s issues which would otherwise have cropped up.

    2. Multitasking Capabilities

    The WP7 platform had been one everyone looked forward to. However, this turned out to be something of a disappointment when it did not offer many desired features. The top absentee on the list was multitasking capability.

    Mango has taken care of that aspect, by introducing multitasking in a small way. Certain features can run in the background, while the user deals with certain other features. This aspect is beneficial both to developers and end-users alike.

    3. Brand New Web Browser

    Windows Mobile, so far, has experienced several problems with its built-in Web browser. Even the simplest pages take time loading and displaying information correctly. However, the Windows Phone 7.5 mobile platform runs Microsoft’s latest mobile browser, the Internet Explorer 9. This browser also offers support for HTML 5, advanced Web apps and even video streaming in HD.

    4. Social Networking and Group Messaging

    Though the original WP7 offered integration with popular social networks such as Facebook, this feature was rather limited in its reach. Mango, on the other hand, offers advanced social networking capabilities, including seamless integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Chat, photo tagging, verbal SMS text messaging and more.

    Further, the Group Messaging feature allows users to create SMS or email distribution lists on their Windows smartphones. This addition is especially welcome for mobile marketers, desirous of using this platform for earning more profits.

    5. Working in the Cloud

    Microsoft Mango is at par with the latest technology – cloud computing. This feature is designed to work in tandem with Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud service. Also, Mango has made significant progress with the already existing Sky Drive and SharePoint facilities.

    6. New App Connect Feature

    The new App Connect feature offered by the Mango update enables developers to create complex apps, which can be designed to work with the device’s many advanced features.

    App Connect works along with the “Live Tiles” feature, wherein both developers and users can “pin” features to their home screen in order to enhance their general UI experience. Developers can also put this feature to creative use, so as to give a much richer, more engaging, experience to their users.

    7. The All-New Bing

    One of the best things about Microsoft Mango is the much-improved Bing search engine. Of course, this was also built into the earlier Windows Phone 7 platform and was quite good even then. But the addition of Bing Audio and Bing Vision in the Mango update has further enhanced this feature.

    While Bing Audio works just like Shazam, Bing Vision enables the smartphone’s camera to perform several search-related tasks. This means that Bing Vision will help scan QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft “Tags”. It is believed that it will even able to identify CDs and DVDs in the near future.

    8. Security and Email Enhancements

    While Microsoft Mango has stepped up phone security by adding support for complex, alphanumeric passwords, it has also made several improvements to its email facility, such as setting up multiple email accounts, general enhancements to Outlook Mobile, search facility for older messages that are no longer stored on the device and so on.

    9. Support for Visual Voicemail et al

    Windows Phone 7.5 supports visual voicemail and mobile hotspot, just like its predecessor. Of course, the charges accruing on these services will depend upon the concerned mobile carrier, data plans and surcharges.

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