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Mobile Trends for 2012 – The Year Ahead for Microsoft

Will Microsoft Regain its Lost Glory in the Year 2012?


Microsoft, the giant whose market position teetered and tottered for the last few years, is now looking ready to get back on its feet and reclaim the glory and power of the past. Many experts had given up hopes that Microsoft would ever recover from debacle after debacle. But one has to realize that a massive company like this can never be gotten down on its knees and that it is bound to recover all in good time.

While Apple consistently delivered winning moves and rose to capture the number 1 position in the mobile market, Microsoft experienced defeat after defeat. All of the latter’s initiatives began to crumble. It did not do well in the music business; Bing lacked that zing; and Buzz failed to generate a buzz in the market.

But right now, Microsoft has recovered from its losses of the past decade and is climbing out from its own ashes, much like the Phoenix. With the entry of a couple of great mobile offerings, the company looks ready to take on the world.

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  • Here is an estimate of mobile trends for Microsoft in the year 2012.

    Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8

    Microsoft scored a perfect 10 with the introduction of its new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7. The CES 2012 saw the unveiling of the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900, which is expected to be the most powerful Windows Phone to ever enter the US market.

    The Windows 8 platform, which the company plans to release later this year, will present a unique mobile-friendly touch UI, that might well give the Apple iPad a run for its money.

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  • The Microsoft Xbox Forges Ahead

    Microsoft’s Xbox features not only games, but also a host of entertainment apps. Obviously, this is a well-planned strategy of the company to make it big in the industry. Sporting an all new look on its Xbox Live service, Microsoft is now considering the migration to live TV to its traditional game consoles.

    Some companies have already partnered with Microsoft to offer live programming software through the Xbox. Xbox Live Gold Members can avail many more such partner apps and programs.

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  • Windows Phone Marketplace has Enough Apps

    Some experts feel that it is now too late for Microsoft to make a mark on the mobile industry, as Android and Apple are too far ahead for the company to catch up with them in the near future. But then, the mobile industry has always been fickle and ever-changing; and so the fact remains that you can never really count out a reputed company such as Microsoft.

    The Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 50,000 apps to its credit. As more Windows Phone powered devices enter the market, the number of app developers and apps for the mobile OS will also proportionately increase. Did you ever think, about 2-3 years ago, that Android would offer such a serious threat to Apple?

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  • The Mango OS has Much to Offer

    The Windows 7.5 Mango OS, which was announced in May 2011, has received much acclaim from experts, who think the mobile OS has much to offer its customers. They are of the view that if a giant such as Nokia could manufacture the right kind of mobile device to make most use of the OS’ features, it would automatically heighten Microsoft’s reputation and position in the mobile market.

    The Mango OS offers amazing animation and app integration, and also includes about 40,000 third-party apps in its kitty.

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  • In Conclusion

    Microsoft has now woken out of its temporary stupor and is obviously poised to capture greater heights in the mobile market. Planning its moves sensibly and well in advance, the company has managed to keep decent pace with the competition.

    One potential downside for Microsoft is that it uses third-party hardware to bring its services to its users. Also, the company still earns most of its revenue from desktop PCs and still has a long way to go in order to establish itself as a mobile player. Of course, Windows 8 is coming soon to tablets, but this OS will be at risk till it gets accepted by the masses. Though Microsoft is famous for backward compatibility with older Windows programs, this case will not apply as regards tablet app development.

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  • All said and done, however, the future does look bright for Microsoft. With major players like Nokia, Intel and Vizio pushing for the company, Microsoft may just recover its lost glory in the year 2012.

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