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The Apple iPhone 5: Not Quite So Special?

5 Features of the iPhone 5 We had Hoped for, But Missed Getting


September 24, 2012

The latest mobile device presently hogging all the limelight is undoubtedly the Apple iPhone 5. A gadget that was subjected to much speculation and media hype is finally out into the market, and is now receiving mixed reviews from users and app developers alike. While the iPhone 5 includes several advanced features and functionalities, there are certain features that we hoped would be included, which are sadly missing this time round as well.

  • Devleoping for the Apple iPhone 5: Your Views
  • Mentioned below is a list of features we hoped for, but did not yet get in the latest iPhone 5:

    1. Not a Very Different Form Factor

    The iPhone 5 is slightly taller and also lighter than the previous models, but otherwise, it does not sport a revolutionary enough design to specially speak about. Developers are currently working to make their apps compatible with this taller screen.

    2. Same Memory Capacity

    Many had hoped that the latest version of the iPhone would come with higher memory. However, we have the standard memory options this time as well, with the maximum memory capacity being 64GB.

    3. Lack of NFC Technology

    We were hoping to see the latest NFC or Near-Field Communication technology integrated into the iPhone 5. This would have helped further enhance mobile security and facilitate mobile payment. Of course, the Passbook feature that comes with iOS 6 may be an indication that this feature is coming soon to the iPhone.

    4. Slightly Longer Battery Life

    The iPhone 5 comes with the very powerful A6 processor. This would have created more of an impact if the device came with a much longer battery life as well. Needless to say, the iPhone’s battery lasts much longer than any Android device. However, this particular model has a battery life that is only wee bit better than the previous iPhone 4S.

    5. No Wireless Charging

    There were rumors that the iPhone 5 would come with built-in inductive charging in order to charge the device’s battery. This is available as an accessory, which can be bought separately, but does not come as a part of the package. Some smartphones now come with this built-in facility. We are hoping that it features in the next iPhone model.

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