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The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS – Aspects to Improve Upon

What Microsoft Needs to Do in Order to Make Rapid Progress


The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS took a little while to get the exposure it deserved. But now, having proved its versatility and actual worth, it is emerging as one of the better mobile platforms. However, this OS is not without its downsides. This platform still has some issues that have to be resolved and certain areas where it has to show more progress, if it wants to be able to stand its ground in the coming years.

  • The Windows Phone 7 Mobile OS – A Developer’s Perspective
  • A Word about WP7.5, aka Mango

    Microsoft has been working very hard at making a comeback in the market. Its Mango update is indeed one of its most brilliant introductions in the recent past. Comprising over 500 features, this is one platform to reckon with, offering seamless app integration and faster browser. All-in-all, this delicious update packs a powerful punch.

  • Microsoft Introduces New Mango Phones
  • No matter how hard Windows Phone tries, though, it has equally formidable competition to face, in the form of the two most popular platforms today – iOS and Android. Listed below is a set of actions Microsoft could take, in order to progress in the mobile market:

    Showcasing its Features

    Mobile consumers are now beginning to see the WP7 platform everywhere – in newspaper and television ads, in hoardings and so on. However, most users are still uncertain about this relatively new platform. Needless to say, these very users are bound to fall in love with the mobile OS once they start using it. But herein lies the actual problem – most mobile users are so caught up with their fascination of Android and the iPhone that they simply refuse to look beyond this familiar territory and explore further.

    Though some of the latest television ads of WP7 are quite classy and have managed to catch the eye of many viewers, these ads still do not do full justice to capturing the actual essence of the platform.

    What Microsoft needs to do now is to educate the masses on all the fabulous features of this platform, thereby telling them why it would benefit them to use this OS. The trick is to showcase the most prominent highlights of this platform, letting people know how it is better than the others in the market.

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  • Enhancing Smartphone Hardware

    Microsoft has wisely followed in the footsteps of Android, by working with several mobile handset brands and models, including Samsung, LG, HTC and so on. This move is great, as it offers many more choices to customers. However, consumers today are also looking for hardware that can support the latest technology, such as dual-core processors, high-resolution displays and the very latest 4G.

    The fact remains that Microsoft has been trying really hard to keep up with the times, by working to incorporate the maximum number of features in its phones. However, it cannot afford to take too much time over this, as its competitors are equally, if not more, aggressive with their own new introductions.

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  • Reducing Restrictions

    Microsoft has introduced some rigid restrictions on its Windows Phone 7 platform, both hardware-wise and software-wise. Though it does look impressive at first glance, developers and users too, have noticed that it is not very highly customizable. This ends up curtailing its natural versatility. Reducing a few of these restrictions and making the platform more open to customization would definitely enhance its standing in the market.

    This process will generally require a change in some of its policies and also ways of functioning. One of the major users’ grouse, for instance, is that they have to make do with syncing non-Exchange Outlook accounts only through the cloud. Relaxing these types of small restrictions can go a long way in enhancing WP7’s popularity.

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  • In Conclusion

    As mentioned earlier, the WP7 Mango update is a vast improvement over the original version, adding many, many more features and functionalities to this platform. However, the above are areas where Microsoft can work further, in order to achieve progress. With some more effort and in due course of time, one can probably expect this company to reclaim its past glory.

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