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5 Useful Tools for Amateur Mobile App Developers

App Building Tools for Wannabe Mobile App Developers


Most people are under the impression that you have to be an absolute professional with vast knowledge in mobile app development in order to be able to develop an app. While it is indisputably true that understanding programming languages goes a long way to help in developing better apps, there have also been cases where amateur developers have built decent enough mobile apps, using certain app development tools. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular mobile app developer tools for amateurs.


The Apple iOS is still one of the most preferred mobile platforms for app developers. AppMakr makes your job of developing an iPhone app relatively simple.

AppMakr is affordably priced at $199. It helps you convert your existing RSS or Atom feed into an iPhone app. These feeds can originate from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress, iTunes or any other source. You can also set multiple tabs for multiple feeds.

Once you are done, AppMakr submits your app to App Store, after which you can also embed in-app ads, which could bring you additional revenue as well. 

Of course, AppMakr cannot substitute XCode, but it is indeed the least expensive method for you to reach out to iPhone and iPod Touch users out there.

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  • RunRev

    RunRev, short for Runtime Revolution, helps you develop iOS and Android apps, using its proprietary language, “LiveCode”. LiveCode, which is an English-like programming language, helps in cross platform app development, helping you apply different setting for each of the mobile platforms with ease, re-using the self-same code base.

    RunRev allows you to finish your project in the minimum timeframe possible and help you view changes in real time, thereby preventing unnecessary loss of time and effort in maintenance.

    The pricing for RunRev ranges from $99 to $499, depending on your app development needs.

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  • SaasMob

    Are you looking to create a Web store with the minimum resources? Well, SaasMob might just be your answer. This app builder offers limited options, but is just right for those willing to take a go at mobile app development.

    Priced at $99 per month, this one gives you native as well as Web browser access over a range of mobile devices, thereby enabling quicker deployment at the lowest possible cost.

    SaasMob offers quick and easy integration with your business data, sets up workorders and audits, gives you detailed reports on your business and also runs both online and offline.

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  • MobiCart

    MobiCart, which is a free iPhone app builder, lets you develop a limited mobile commerce store. It gives you a variety of customization options, thereby enabling you to select color themes; insert logos and pictures of products; set up contact, news, feed and prices pages and even integrate with PayPal.

    MobiCart is simple to understand and use and sets up in very little time. Of course, it is not without its issues, as the store does hang up or even crash at times.

    The good thing is that it will soon offer an API for professional developers who would like to implement it into other systems such as X-Cart, PrestaShop and so on.

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  • MobBase

    MobBase is a unique app builder especially for artists. This product helps you insert artist info and bio, upload music and videos, create a photo album, update events, publish news feeds and even set up a mobile Web store to sell merchandise.

    MobBase also offers easy integration with social networks such as Twitter, so that the artist can easily interact with his or her fans in real time.

    Once built, the app can be distributed to the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

    This app builder costs $20 for initial activation and $15 to $20, depending on the package that you choose.

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