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Readers Respond: Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers?

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With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, there is an equal increase in the number of app developers for the same. Though developers have a whole lot of mobile platforms to choose from, they would most probably select one of the two most sought-after mobile OS’ today, Apple’s recently upgraded iOS 4 and Google’s Android. So, which of these is better for developers and why? Share Your Views!

Android if you get get poorer...

No one buy any android apps... they just download the apk and you don't earn a cent...
—Guest No Android

Many Devices?!? Fragmentation?!? C?!?

some myths: 1. Many devices - Android has smart ways to adapt to multiple screen resolutions (both layouts, fonts, icons, hardware architectures, you name it) 2. It seems to me that people here do not know that Android is able to deploy newer SDK features on older devices! That is, you ca write something for 4.4 and deploy on a 4.0.1 (app will deploy extra stuff) 3. The ones who claim that they feel more comfortable with C like language, well, those are very unlikely to use objective-c (OOP) properly. C itself (as a language) cannot satisfy ANY of the iOS design patterns (so thinking that you write C code on iOS is definitely not true). On the other hand objective-c remains a language from the early 80s (who did not make it because of of C++, Java, C#, Delphi, you name it). No matter how smart it's addressed by the great Apple Engineers (ARC, categories), IDE, debugging and framework coverage, it does feel its age. Where are generics/templates... PS Did you see Android Studio?
—Guest Dan Marinescu


ANDROID IS THE BEST...I PREFER IT cause its easy to use n their advancements r great
—Guest bloodybaron


I prefer android because of less cost and developing android app is comfortable
—Guest aravind


Google’s Android rule the fast-growing smartphone market. It's the world's fastest-shipping OS and it will soon be the OS with the largest installed base as well.

Android is backwards

Android give you 50mb.. then 4gb that you need to code extra stuff to make work...why? Xcode builds straight to the device, Android is command line (for mac).
—Guest Guy

Program reusability, speed, logistics

Code reuse is of prime concern, iOS is much better than Android and insurmountably superior to brand new competitors such as Windows 8 and BB10. The iOS components and frameworks are mature and backwards compatible across hardware versions allowing software to be developed quickly over well tested iOS classes and components. Android is fragmented preventing code reuse. Windows 8 widgets need to be developed, and BB10 is a complete cut off from previous OS inheriting nothing from the BB OS; every piece of BB10 code has to be developed and tested from scratch making development on the BB10 a prohibitively monumental task in comparison to the much more mature, robust, and advanced iOS.
—Guest James Chau


Now i little understand the android and ios.In my environment the android the best and increase the usage of the android phone and android apps.


I go on with android:) Easy to use and develop apps in any platform
—Guest Raju


android is the best i just like the name .. and yea its so cool when it comes to development
—Guest user

Personally love the Android OS

One word: Customization! With Apple Ios, you really are just stuck in one mode, while in the Android OS, you can make it how you want, visually and in acting it out.
—Guest Jon


because android is for google and google is the biggest web in the world and now youtube is not in apple.
—Guest lulu


I love apple i have ipod and ipad....and both works amzing....comparing to android with apple is like comparing bugaati with ford.... No comparison....apple is best of all the operating system.... Apple have soo much of apps than android why js that because people choose ios over andriod.........apple is best.....
—Guest Ryan

apple sucks!

I love androids an always will but everybody can't buy iphones an ipads an stuff from apple because their prices is high as hell. The only thing i hate about androids is they restart them self sometimes but i thing androids is ten times better then apple
—Guest Charles


iOS is the best platform out there for developers and it is a good thing that they approves apps in this strict way because it benifits customers.. No malware nothing but androids have malware in more than half of its apps. Also, iOS provides much more possibilities to add in apps with many more tools and SDKs and APIs for developers to make awesomest apps...
—Guest Rahillio

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Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers?

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