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Readers Respond: Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers?

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With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, there is an equal increase in the number of app developers for the same. Though developers have a whole lot of mobile platforms to choose from, they would most probably select one of the two most sought-after mobile OS’ today, Apple’s recently upgraded iOS 4 and Google’s Android. So, which of these is better for developers and why?


I chose Android os because its open source application.
—Guest Mohammed

No contest

I've had an ipod touch for 3 years, It's great, but pricewise it isn't, android is more optional and ipod is more safe and trustworthy.
—Guest len faltin

Single Version

Good luck with that. That'll turn up about the same time that there is a "single version" of Linux...
—Guest Rennie Allen

Michael Gill

Like you said, the Google versions are fragmented. I'm not completely up on the all the version. But I believe they're moving towards a single version of Android like iOS.
—Guest Michael Gill

Rennie Allen

R Masero said: "Rennie, if I wait that long I will have many more android apps and approx 4 iOS ones. What is your point?" ... and you will have very little hair left... It doesn't really matter that you don't understand yet, because you *do* need to address Android in any case, but you'll see what I am talking about in 6 months.
—Guest Rennie Allen

From AS

Rennie, if I wait that long I will have many more android apps and approx 4 iOS ones. What is your point?
—Guest AS

Unifying Android

as - can you post the links to your apps please. At least Google are unifying Android now, can't imagine it will take long to do that!
—Guest Michael Gill


I understand your comments re different model handsets but as the saying goes... You can't please all the people all the time! I for one would rather have the choice of hardware and OS so it's Android for me all the way!
—Guest R Masero


Rennie, I have to disagree. I am now bald and insane due to iOS!! :) 1st Android app on the market after approx 1 day, 1st iOS app on iTunes (same app in iOS format) 1.5 months!
—Guest R Masero


yes , i like that comments of yours, thanks very much!
—Guest Atul Sisode


I prefer iOS because it is native C based but really the problem with Android is the number of different devices, it makes building and testing so much more work as the screen sizes and phone capabilities vary so much.
—Guest Phil Forshaw

A little of both

In terms of developer sanity and hair retention? iOS without a doubt. In terms of market growth potential? Android without a doubt.
—Guest Rennie Allen


Android's multivendor strategy, as opposed to the Apple-only availability of iOS, could lead to it capturing the enterprise, similar to how Windows won out on the desktop, says Robert Mac Hale, project evangelist at Lingo-Bingo.com, where he is helping develop a mobile application development framework: "Within five years, Android should go farther [in adoption] than iOS by a large margin." To help make this happen, Google may need to cooperate with Microsoft to ensure interoperability between Android and Microsoft Exchange, he says. "As I inventory complaints from iPhone users transitioning to Android, the Outlook sync problem is at the top of the list. Imagine someone entrenched in Outlook without Exchange Server: Their calendar and contacts contain a map of their personal life and business relationships," which is often lost due to Android's lack of support for Exchange security features. Android is the way to go.
—Guest Syed Umar Ahmed


Developer account cost is crazy with apple, with android its only 25$
—Guest Jeyakumaran Mayooresan


If you want to develop for iOS you have to have an Apple computer, something which is super expensive. Additionally you have to pay 100$/year to Apple so that you can use their SDK. On the other hand you can develop for Android on any platform (even Apple) and you have to pay only for one time 25$ to Google, to activate your account on Android Market. If you wish to distribute your software on other platforms, you even don't have to pay this amount. Given all these, I strongly believe that Android is more attractive for developers.
—Guest Ali Chousein
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