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Best Practices to Help Build Your Mobile Website


Mobile is now dominating every field of activity, be it art, science or business. Industries of all shapes and sizes are now waking up to the true power of mobile in today’s world. Even the smaller businesses are now considering building a mobile Website in order to promote themselves and their products and services. While you have infinite choices to build a mobile Website, there are certain rules you should follow so as to make it most effective and engaging for your mobile users.

FAQ on Creating a Mobile Website for Your Business

Mentioned below are the best practices to help you build the mobile Website of your dreams:

Simplicity is the Key

Keep your Website simple and lucid, keeping the entire interface neat, uncluttered and user-friendly. The general layout of your Website should be such that it is simple to understand and navigate, while also being attractive to your user’s eye. Eliminate unnecessary details, images and buttons and try to keep the home screen as simple as possible.

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Consider Your Target Audience

Keep your target audience in mind while designing your mobile Website. Remember, you do not have too much space on the mobile device’s display screen. Hence, wisely choose your interface elements on each screen, anticipating what your users may most want to see on that screen.

Make sure that your users always have easy access to the most important functions including tapping or clicking to purchase your product, calling support, contacting you and giving feedback.

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Work with Native Features

Working in tandem with your chosen mobile device’s native features will make the process far simpler for you, while also giving your customer the best possible user experience. Using the location feature is one of the best ways to develop interaction with your users. Provide them with useful offers, coupons and discounts while they are at a particular location near your store. Include mobile payment to further facilitate the payment for your user.

Use social media to further strengthen interaction with your users. Ensure that you are always present to help your user in any way he or she wishes.

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Use Touch-Responsive Buttons

Design your Website buttons in such a way that respond to a light touch or tap. Avoid the “hover” feature as one does with a mouse. The user cannot possibly keep his or her finger hovering over a link on a mobile device.

Ensure maximum possible vertical navigation, so that the user does not have to move sideways to access more content on the screen of the mobile device. Try and reduce the level of scrolling up and down. If there are too many elements on your menu, work to shorten the entire process by creating a vertical navigation structure.

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Make the Website Readable

The content of your mobile Website must be clear and concise, giving just the required information to your user. Ensure that your content is readable, error-free and also easily understandable. Be to-the-point with your content and do not beat around the bush. Else, your user may end up losing interest in what you have to say.

Break up your content, inserting “read more” links as and when necessary. Make the maximum use of bulleted lists. Limit the usage of links and also avoid using too many images within the main text. Use single column layouts, so that your content is clearly visible on the user’s mobile device screen.

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Minimize Loading Time

Mobile users are extremely fickle and will lose patience if a Website takes too much time to load. Minimize the loading time of your Website by removing all unnecessary elements from your pages. Use an image cruncher to reduce the size of images on the screen.

If you are inserting videos into your Website, your best option would be to work with YouTube and similar other programs, instead of creating your own streaming software.

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Test Your Mobile Website

Make sure to test your mobile Website thoroughly, before attempting to go live with it. Use a mobile Website checker tool to check for and fix errors; estimate page size and loading time; display your Website on the mobile browser and so on.

Top 7 Tools for Testing Your Mobile Website

Ensure that you adhere to all the above-mentioned rules for designing your mobile Website. Wish you a smooth and successful mobile business venture.

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