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Mobile Platform Updates, App Marketing Services, Dev Jobs and Contests


Here, we bring you updates on the hottest mobile devices and platforms, information on app marketing services, latest job listings and developer contests.
  1. Mobile Device/Platform Updates
  2. Third-Party Services
  3. Developer Discussion Forum
  4. Dev Events, Jobs & Contests
  5. Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Mobile Device/Platform Updates

Here are interesting facts and stats on various mobile electronics and mobile platforms.

Third-Party Services

Third-party services are very often a great help to mobile app developers, companies, marketers and so on. We bring you news and updates on these service providers, plus information on using social networking for mobile marketing.

Developer Discussion Forum

This section brings you a developer discussion forum. Feel free to go through the same and also participate in the discussion.

Dev Events, Jobs & Contests

Check out this section for the latest job listings, tips to land developer gigs and latest featured developer events and contests.

Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Featuring the About.com Readers' Choice Awards on Mobile Devices -- comprising several categories and entries that form part of the mobile industry.

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