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Mobile Carriers, Networking and Cross-Platform Apps


Mobile networking is getting to be more advanced by the day. WiFi, which was a novelty a few years ago, now has to contend with 3G and the latest, superfast 4G. Different carriers are emerging too, each offering different services and functionalities. Carriers today are also embarking on standardization. How do you, as a developer, deal with all these changes?
  1. Carrier Marketing Strategies
  2. Info on Different Mobile Networks
  3. Online Mobile Security
  4. Mobile Number Portability
  5. Cross-Platform App Formatting

Carrier Marketing Strategies

How does the app marketplace benefit mobile carriers? Can mobile apps really enhance a mobile brand’s overall marketing strategy? Read on to find out more.

Info on Different Mobile Networks

With so many types of networking available today, developers often wonders as to the kind of networking they choose for your app. Here is a lowdown on the different types of mobile networking.

Online Mobile Security

Are we truly secure while using our mobile devices online? What can developers and enterprises do regarding the mobile security issue?

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability enables the mobile phone subscriber to keep his original mobile number, while shifting from his current mobile network operator.

Cross-Platform App Formatting

Most major carriers are today going the app standardization way. This brings about cross-platformization queries for the mobile app developer. Here are tips on developing apps across a range of different mobile platforms.

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