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Ways to Engage iPhone App Users Over the Long Term

Steps You can Take to Create More Enduring iPhone Apps


While creating iPhone apps and getting them approved in the Apple App Store is in itself a complicated task, it is a completely different ballgame to make your app popular in the app store and also manage to keep it that way. Studies show that an average iPhone user accesses a downloaded app not more than 25-30 times, after which he or she loses interest and either abandons it or even deletes it from his or her phone. There are very few apps that manage to hold user attention over the long term.

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  • How can you encourage your users to remain loyal towards your app? Listed below are steps you can take to create more enduring iPhone apps, which would engage users over the long term:

    The App Usability Factor

    Certain types of apps have the natural ability to attract and maintain user attention. This is because they unfailingly continue to offer users value in terms of usability and usefulness. They help users solve many of their day-to-day issues. Apps which fall under the categories of social messaging, mobile payment, photo sharing, location, voice chatting, weather and traffic forecasts and so on, are those that have the most staying power among the masses.

    The typical iPhone user looks for app usability. If you want your app to become popular, therefore, you need to develop an app which would offer them something more than the other apps in that same category.

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  • Creating iPhone Game Apps

    Everyone loves mobile game apps and the same is the case with the typical iPhone user. Not only that, everyone loves to keep going a level higher in the game, as it creates a sense of achievement. You can use this basic human psychology to enhance the popularity of your own app. While you can offer the first few levels of your game app for free, you can charge users to unlock more advanced levels. Cracking higher levels of the game gives the user a feeling of having achieved something special. Hence, the chances are that users may well pay up to go further in the game. This strategy not only helps you engage your user for longer periods of time, but also generates a neat profit for you.

    While the above technique works best with game apps, you can also apply it to apps falling in other categories, provided that you get creative and innovative enough with them.

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  • Audience Interaction is the Key

    User interaction is one very vital element of app success in any marketplace. This is especially the case with iPhone apps. The number of apps in the Apple App Store is ever-increasing and there are apps in every conceivable category. Hence, in order to continue engaging users, your app has to interact with them and make them feel special and wanted in some way. The trick here is to make them feel like they are contributing in some way to the success of your app. The easiest way to do this is to ask for user reviews, also offering them incentives to share your app information among their friends.

    Integrating your app with leading social networks will help you get the required exposure for your app. Facebook and Twitter are in the forefront among mobile social networks today. You can easily use these to gain more mileage for your app.

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  • Offering Extra Tools and Utilities

    Offering users certain extra useful features and tools on your basic app can also increase the popularity of your iPhone app among users. Many developers create just a basic app to help users with a particular aspect of their lives or career, and then jazz it up by providing some additional, complimentary, tools and utilities, which are related to the basic app. These add-ons encourage users to keep coming back to your app over a longer period of time. You can also keep adding more such tools with every subsequent release of your app, thereby tempting users to keep updating their download of your app.

    Needless to say, you need to choose your extra tools and utilities with care, making sure that they truly offer value to your user. Otherwise, this strategy will fail to work effectively.

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  • In Conclusion

    Engaging app users over the long term can get difficult, but provided that you continue to innovate and offer something novel to your user, you can create a comfortable niche for yourself in the App Store and continue to reap the profits from your iPhone app.

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