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PayPal to Announce New Dev Tools, Micropayments Facility

PayPal Plans to Simplify Payment System for Social Gamers


PayPal to Announce New Dev Tools, Micropayments Facility
Image Courtesy Paypal
Updated May 19, 2011

PayPal, one of the most popular online payment portals, is planning to launch a new set of developer tools which will aim at simplifying payment transactions for social gamers. Additionally, the company will also introduce a micropayments feature by the end of this month.

New dev tool suite

PayPal’s new developer tools will be designed to help developers create a seamlessly integrated system of purchasing virtual currencies. According to a report on Inside Facebook, PayPal’s VP of Product Development, Osama Bedier, has said, "We’re going to have an inline shopping experience where you can authorize a transaction on the screen right there in the game."

This new introduction, PayPal hopes will encourage new gamers to go indulge social games without having to worry about how to top up virtual currencies.

Micropayments facility

PayPal will also be introducing a micropayments facility, which will enable the user to pay small increments like $1 or so, while playing an online game. This way, they would be able to avoid paying larger amounts like $10 at one time, which is what they have been doing till now.

PayPal is currently testing the dev tool suite and micropayments feature with some gaming companies. The payment portal hopes to present the finished product at its Innovative Conference to be held at San Fransicso at the end of this month.

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