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The Apple iPad 3 vs. the iPad 4: Which is the Better One?

A Comparison between the Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4 for Developers


The Apple iPad 3 vs. the iPad 4: Which is the Better One?

Image © Priya Viswanathan

Updated November 16, 2012

The Apple iPad 4 was released just months after its immediate predecessor, the iPad 3. The entrance of this new iPad, along with so many other Apple products, such as the iPad Mini, the latest iPhone 5 and a whole host of new Macs, has left one wondering which of these would be the best product for them. How are the Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4 different from each other? Which one of these devices is better for an iOS app developer?

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  • Here is a comparison between the Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4 for app developers:

    The Processor

    The greatest and most obvious difference between the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 is undoubtedly the processor power. The latter comes with a powerful A6X processor, which offers twice the speed and performance as that of the latter, which is powered by the dual core A5X chip.

    While this new A6X processor is a great advantage for the device itself, it is especially useful for racing and action game app developers, who can now engage users better with their more efficient apps.

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  • The Camera

    Both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 come with great cameras. However, while the former includes a 0.3MP standard definition camera, the latter brings a 1.2MP HD camera, which also supports 720p HD video.

    Given the powerful processor, the new device also makes full use of the Retina Display feature for video chatting. Developers desiring to create FaceTime type of apps can take advantage of this feature as well.

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  • The Connectivity Factor

    The other main difference between the two iPads is the variety of connectivity options that the latest one offers its users. The iPad 4 uses the latest Wi-Fi technology with dual-band capabilities, which enables it to connect to the Internet at lightning speeds up to 150Mbps. Besides, the 4G LTE feature that it additionally offers enables users to enjoy superior connectivity in 4G coverage supported regions across the globe.

    These connectivity options help the developer work much faster while within their home network, also enabling them to be online while roaming internationally as well. This feature also allows app users to work faster with their installed apps.

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  • The Lightning Connector

    The latest iPad 4 features the new Lightning connector, as against Apple’s original 30-pin connector. The new dock has received mixed reviews from both users and app developers. The new 8-pin Lightning dock (which has also been introduced in the iPhone 5), is supposedly far more durable and efficient than the original connector.

    However, this accessory is incompatible with Apple’s hitherto common standards, forcing users to additionally purchase an adapter to use with the later models.

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    The Price Factor

    The biggest surprise with the introduction of the fourth-generation iPad was that of its cost factor. There was a general opinion that the iPad 4 would cost more than its immediate predecessor. However, both the devices cost the same for all the three standard storage options.

    Needless to say, the Wi-Fi+Cellular options cost more than the regular versions of the tablets. The pricing for these are $629, $729 and $829 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively.

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    iPad 3 vs. iPad 4 – Which is Better?

    Performance-wise, the iPad 4 is undoubtedly a better tablet than its predecessor, the iPad 3. It is a more polished and refined version of the third-generation iPad. However, speaking in general terms, Apple has not really revolutionized the new tablet in a remarkably major way.

    While current app developers can take advantage of all the latest features of the iPad 4, the actual impact of this new device on iOS app development will show up in the near future, when more and more apps are especially designed for this device, keeping its special features in mind.

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