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Full Review: The Apple iPad 3 for Developers

Better Resolution; More Powerful – But is it that Special for Developers?

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Full Review: The Apple iPad 3 for Developers

Image © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

April 3, 2012

The latest third-generation Apple iPad, also referred to as the Apple iPad 3, is finally out in the market. Very similar in appearance to the iPad 2, it comes with certain improvements and enhancements to both its outer form factor and inner machinery as well. Equipped with the much-looked-forward-to Retina Display, which gives it a far better resolution, it also comes with the latest iOS 5.1, which is again the current rage among the masses. While all this is great news, the question here is: “Is the latest iPad 3 that special for developers?” How is it different from its predecessors and what does it mean to developers?

  • Points to Ponder While Developing Apps for the iPad 3
  • Here is a full review on the Apple iPad 3 for developers:


    Physically, the Apple iPad 3 is not very much different from the previous offering. The design of the iPad 3 quite conforms to the traditional Apple iPad tablet line. However, there is a slight difference and that lies in the weight of the latest iPad. This is almost 60 grams heavier than its immediate predecessor. Of course, while this is not really all that much heavier, it does make a slight difference while you carry it around for too long. Besides, this sleek and shiny new avatar of the original iPad has curved edges and scratch-proof glass as well.

  • Before You Develop Apps for the Apple iPad
  • Resolution

    Image © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    The resolution factor is what really makes the iPad 3 special. This tablet comes with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, which is double that of the iPads so far. App developers had been looking forward to this feature for quite some time now and had been trying to include retina graphics to their apps, well in advance of the arrival of the iPad 3.

    If you are planning to develop an app for this particular tablet model, you should ensure tht you start with the highest resolution, and then scale it down later, as and when you finally save your graphics. This will help you save a lot of time and extra effort.

    Other great features such as 1GB RAM, powerful processors, 4G compatibility and 5MP camera can help you create fantastic apps for this mobile device.

  • Creating Apps for Different Mobile Systems
  • Retina Display

    Apple had boasted about the iPad 3 having the best display ever. Well, this time, it seems to be true as well. The Retina Display feature of the iPad 3 gives a color saturation of over 40 percent, as compared with other similar devices. This feature, while combined with the resolution and size of the display screen, gives rise to amazingly sharp images on screen.

    The iPad 3 is designed to create a display with millions of pixels, so that your all images look much sharper and clearer. This is especially advantageous to game app developers, who can make each screen and theme literally come to life, thereby making the app an experience in itself for the end-user.

    However, the Retina Display feature is not without its downsides. Some apps still remain slightly blurry and appear faded out on screen. The developers of these apps will have to spend more time and effort adapting to the latest upgrade and learning to design their app in accordance with these new features.

    iSight Camera and HD Video Recording

    The iPad 3 includes a 5MP iSight camera with a rear illumination sensor, which gives you high quality pictures each and every time, irrespective of the lighting condition at the time. Other useful camera features include autofocus, built-in face detection, tap to focus and set advanced exposure features.

    The HD video recording feature of the iPad 3 is one of its best ever features. It can record HD video in 1080p and comes with an automatic video stabilization function as well. Of course, since all this is already built into the iPad 3, developers cannot directly use this feature to further their third-party apps. They can probably just use the feature to enhance the entire effect of their own app.

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