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Full Review: The Apple iPad 3 for Developers

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Full Review: The Apple iPad 3 for Developers

Image © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

iOS 5.1- What this Means

The Apple iPad 3 comes with iOS 5.1, which basically changes the behavior of embedded WebViews, which power HTML5 applications, which are hosted within native applications. In iOS 5.1, this type of data is always considered as temporary data, which could be destroyed at any time at all, especially when memory is low.

For developers who depend on WebSQL to store their data, this mechanism could pose a serious problem. Of course, you can effectively deal with this issue by using the PhoneGap-SQL Plugin, but this takes it own time to adjust to.

Pros of the Apple iPad 3

  • The Retina Display is the greatest asset of the iPad 3. This feature changes the future of tablet displays.

  • The new design is yet another plus. Though slightly heavier, it also feels solid to hold and is obviously of very high quality.

  • The iPad 3 offers enhanced graphic capabilities, which developers have yet to learn to use to their complete advantage.

  • The UI of iOS devices has always been something worth desiring and this latest iPad does full justice to this aspect of Apple devices.

  • Cons of the Apple iPad 3

  • The device, in spite of being quite powerful, heats up all too soon. This could pose a major inconvenience to app developers and end-users alike.

  • Though not too heavy, this latest third-generation iPad is definitely not as sleek as the rest of the Apple devices are famed for. Hence, though it does look stylish, it could have been a lot lighter.

  • Storage space is yet another issue. We all know that 16GB is far too little to take full advantage of all of the iPad’s features. This is especially true for app developers. The higher models are also more expensive.

  • The pricing seems too steep for what you ultimately get in the package. Of course, that has been the case with most of Apple’s gadgets.

  • Final Verdict

    Despite all its minuses, the latest Apple iPad 3 surely emerges as a pioneer among tablet devices. While there will be users talking against it, there are others who will swear by this tablet.

    Though it is on the expensive side, you just have to shell out more money if you want that added special quality. The brilliant Retina Display feature, for instance, cannot be found on any other device so far. So it may be well worth paying for it.

    Have you tried developing apps for the Apple iPad 3? What is your opinion as a developer?

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