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The Nokia-Apple Patent Lawsuit Settled in Nokia’s Favor


The Nokia-Apple Patent Lawsuit Settled in Nokia’s Favor

Nokia HQ in Keilaniemi I, Majestic/Wikipedia

June 14, 2011

A 2-year long, bitter battle between the titans, Nokia and Apple, was finally settled and resolved out of court on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Nokia emerged the winner, getting a hefty one-time payment and additional royalties.

The infamous Nokia-Apple lawsuit had commenced in October 2009. Nokia accused the latter of patent infringement of its technologies, including certain UI elements, display technology and 3G and Wi-Fi technology, which Apple used on millions of its iPhone models. To compensate this blatant breach of ethics on the part of Apple, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturing giant sought royalties and other payments relating to it.

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Nokia originally claimed that Apple had infringed on almost 40 of their exclusive and patented technologies. Apple refused to pay more than some other companies using the self-same technology and retaliated by suing Nokia in return for using some of its technologies.

Finally, both establishments then mutually agreed to form a technology licensing agreement in order to end the war raging between them. Neither party, however, disclosed the actual sum involved in the agreement. Apple has also clearly stated that this deal would not include those technologies that are proprietary to the iPhone.


In the first case, there was never a debate about whether Apple should pay Nokia or not. The real issue was the amount to be paid up by the former. But then, Nokia’s patents were supposedly freely and fairly licensed to anyone who wanted to use the same. Hence, Apple felt that it was being unfairly charged more for the use of these technologies.

So is Apple subject to the same terms and conditions as the other companies or is it being charged extra still remains a mystery.

In any case, Apple still continues to be in litigation with the top three Android mobile device manufacturers, namely, HTC, Motorola and Samsung. Nokia is out of the fray.

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